Modern Holiday Retreat: Florida Beach House in Australia

This incredible holiday retreat is a modern beach house located in Florida Beach, Australia and was designed by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects. The design emphasizes and focuses on the immense Indian Ocean. All spaces are aligned and extruded through a strict dialogue of plan and section revealing the intensity and variety of this great ocean. The home was designed to protect its occupants from the strong winds and storms and be able to sit out on their deck throughout the year.

Each space throughout the home repeats the pattern of the ripple of the ocean which is reflected on the ceiling and connects the living, dining and kitchen spaces to the dynamic ocean environment. These sections of the home extrude from the beach end to the street side, those spaces that do not contain a direct view to the ocean maintain the memory of the ocean view through the continuing section.

External cladding is a strictly controlled ribbon of uncut compressed fibre cement sheeting and rough sawn plywood panels. While the exterior is tactile and articulated the interior is smooth and sculptured with subtle variations of white paint color and gloss levels differentiating interior elements and reflecting the exterior. The use of steel is minimized to a few select areas where thin columns support the dense undulating roof creating tension in the context of the ocean view.

Visit the website of Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects here.

Photos: Peter Bennetts

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Wow, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a roof design quite like that before (I know, that’s the point right?). I just wanted to say, great photos and a very cool design. Cheers!