TDA House on the Emerald Coast

TDA House is located in Puerto Escondido on the Emerald Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. It is a place of beaches, blue-green waters and fine sand framed by lush vegetation. Designed by architects Cadaval & Sola -Morales, the 3,767 square foot (350 square meters) project is a low-cost house requiring minimum maintenance and is flexible in its uses and configuration; it is a home that can open fully to the exterior or be completely closed off from the elements. Concrete was the chosen building material due to its structural capacity and its resistance to extreme weather conditions to keep the home cool. The home was designed to withstand the saltwater air and take advantage of the views in the coastal Mexican town.

The exterior forms a threshold under the imposing cantilever, which is the most important space of the house, its central focus. It has all the characteristics and potential of a made-to-measure interior: connected with the spacious central core of the house, protected by the balance and rigor of the constructed object, but at the same time supplied with light, water, and air, close to the lush tropical vegetation and colors that contrast with the neutrality of the concrete. All of this, suspended in the hammocks, reinforces the solidity of the structure and the ease with which it is inhabited.

Visit the website of architects Cadaval & Sola -Morales here.

Photos: © Cadaval & Sola -Morales

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