An enormous dwelling off the Japanese coast

By the Japanese coast lies Villa Ronde, a 19,375 square foot (1800 square meters) building designed by architecture firm Ciel Rouge Creation which includes a private museum, a guest house and a resort. It is thought of as a wide free organic space in which rooms can be closed or in continuity to each other around a patio. The round shape is the best to cover the beautiful view around as well as to resist and glide in the strong typhoon winds.

The building itself seems to grow from a hill in which an air flow system circulates to permanently ventilate the residence. Everything has been thought of in the schematics of the home, for the best thermic natural ratio, a double facade was created for protecting from winds and sun. The roof is covered by 30cm of earth which includes a watering system.

The building takes the same color from the rocks as it was emerging in the green. Inside it is thought as all the rooms are connecting with each other and creating a huge gallery or a wandering house. Windows in the shape of holes are used to focus the important points of the landscape and to keep the space private. Via

Photos: Iishii Toshihisa

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