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Needing some additional storage space in your bedroom? Maybe you’re starting to run a bit low or you’re just looking for something to fill in the empty space, so here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started on revamping your storage space.

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If you have plenty of room, lots of clothing, shoes, purses, etc, or you just like to keep things very organized, a proper walk-in closet is your best bet. You’ll find that everything is that bit easier to find and the space will take on a boutique feel that’s personalized to you – it’s like having your own shop to pick from every day! It doesn’t need to be a huge amount of space, especially if you use verticals sensibly, stacking shoes and handbags visibly on shelves and hanging necklaces or ties from empty spaces on the walls. If the room already has alcoves within it, fill the space with mirrors for optimum lighting and to open up the space, or slot in a dressing table where you can keep your make up in order.

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Storage can often be a big issue if you’re lacking in space in your home. If this is something you have a problem with, you may want to consider getting sliding doors with mirroring on your wardrobe. With outward opening doors, you often find yourself trying to work around the wardrobe so that you can get in to reach your clothes, but sliding doors will save hugely on space, allowing you to arrange your furniture much more easily. The mirroring will make the room seem larger and lighter, perfect for tiny bedrooms.

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Home design trends this year are starting to head away from the antique and shabby chic look that we’ve seen in recent years. While they’ll still be seen in homes for a while yet, the focus is turning more towards creating a more minimalistic visual space in your home: look for pieces that are ultra-modern and contemporary. There is a movement towards acrylic furniture, as well as monochrome colors to keep the room looking up to date, so search out wardrobes that incorporate these features for an on trend design for your wardrobe.

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