Lake Austin secluded riverside house

Focused around a man-made canal extended from Austin’s Colorado River, the Lake Austin House by Lake|Flato Architects is comprised of a series of structures and outdoor spaces that create a secluded riverside complex, making up a total area of 5,995 square feet (557 square meters). Once past the enormous limestone wall surrounding the front of the house, a 200-foot long boardwalk runs the length of the site, leading to the main living room structure. Along this route is a series of smaller wooden buildings that contain the bedrooms and study and are grouped to form smaller courtyard spaces in between.

The main house is a two story boat house that uses screens to take advantage of breezes from the river while also framing views out to nearby Lake Austin. In the winter months, a large fireplace keeps the house warm enough to use year-round. The screens also allow light in the larger, more public space which also doubles as an art gallery. Via

Photos: Hester + Hardaway, Atelier Wong

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