Mid-Century modern apartment in Sao Paulo

This apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil was first purchased in 1957. The original layout of the apartment, two blocks away from Paulista Avenue, was originally subdivided into social, service and living areas. Architect and product designer, Mauricio Arruda wanted to integrate the layout of this mid-century apartment in order to provide a seamless environment that defines his lifestyle and speaks to the changes Brazil has evolved to, economically, socially and artistically.

To achieve a dialogue between old and new, Mauricio redesigned the spaces, utilizing materials and finishings that were iconic to the 1950’s palette and modern expression with a unique mix of furniture. As an avid collector of Brazilian mid-century modern furniture, Mauricio has purchased and collected these throughout the years and gathered them from flea markets around Brazil. The 1,615 square foot (150 square meters) apartment went through major architectural renovation as Mauricio knocked down all the walls except the central pillar that structurally holds the space together. This decision invites ample sunlight into the entire apartment.

Mauricio changed the location of the kitchen by removing a bedroom and transforming two bathrooms into one. This opens up the kitchen to the living quarters engaging people when socializing. Floors, countertops and walls still refer to the period when the building was built, but Mauricio is able to translate its context to its contemporary state. Keeping a language of the 50’s was important to Mauricio as he is passionate about Brazil’s modernism history. To achieve a subtle language of the 50’s Mauricio painted the floor black and kept the walls white in order for the furniture pieces to stand out; this gives the environment personality, variety and plenty of points of interest. Via

Photos: Fran Parente

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