Amazing estate in Provence with cozy interiors

This unforgettable villa called Les Cavaliers is located in Uzes, Provence, France and is equipped with a tennis court, two heated swimming pools, a volleyball court, fitness house with a climbing wall, showers and a sauna. The area is ideal for enjoyment of nature and wine. One can enjoy rafting and body rafting, mountain climbing, cave exploration and hunting, as well as explore the many vineyards in the nearby area.

The main house is 8,611 square feet (800 square meters) and boasts five bedrooms (three with mezzanines suitable to children but with access through a ladder) each containing a flat screen TV with French and international channels. There are separate stereo systems in the kitchen, library, main living room and in the fitness room. An intercom system connects the master bedroom, kitchen, library, summer kitchen, pool house and the caretaker’s apartment with the entrance gate. A separate cottage comprising one queen size bedroom and bathroom with shower, toilet is located across the courtyard from the main house.

A fully equipped gourmet kitchen with two dishwashers and two refrigerators is completed by a fully equipped summer kitchen, with its large lounge and fire place overlooking the pool area. All the floors on the first level are heated as well as those in all the bathrooms, and the house comprises a total of three fireplaces. This fabulous villa can be rented from here.

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9 years ago

What more will you ask for from this house.

9 years ago

Absolutely stunning.

9 years ago

It is stunning, yet it lacks color. They stone is beautiful but gets dull after every wall in each room is the same. More color even if it was subtle would add sooooo much more!

9 years ago

No one needs this. Go feed the poor instead. I’ll be more impressed by that!

9 years ago
Reply to  asdfg78

If you think that, do you have nice clothes? Nice car? nice tv? Why? it is not necessary, feed the poor instead!
It is the same, any of us likes nice things, in proportion to our income. May be you spend on retaurants, or tv cable, well its your choice….you could live with less or not?
It is the same for this people…they have the money and did an amazing job putting together this home.

9 years ago
Reply to  Aba

Yes. That. Exactly what you said.

9 years ago
Reply to  asdfg78

Oh please. People can do what they want with their money.

Who cares about other people’s problems? I know I don’t. I’m livin’ my life, what are you doin?

9 years ago

it is in fact incredibly excessive, must be stressful figuring out what to do with so much space even. Also, in terms of the rooms, yes they are very impressive in a “hey everyone, look at how much money I have!” kind of way, and if you like living around that much cold stone, go ahead, I just dispute the use of the word “cozy” in the intro, yes many of the couches and beds look very comfy, but the lack of natural lighting, and the walls and lay out that almost make the place look like a dungeon sometimes,… Read more »

9 years ago

When was this house built? The stone walls make it look pretty old.

9 years ago

ill pay you $50 dollars for it! please.

9 years ago

This is so incredible. I agree with the need of more color but regardless, this is flawless. What I would give to have money like this. Good for them – they obviously work very hard!

9 years ago

Typical Lib mindset – do as I say not as I do. Who gives a damn what and how people spend ther money on their homes, it’s THEIR money. Feed the poor? Give me a damn break and worry about your own problems for a change. It’s not the people’s responsibility to take care of the other people who, under almost every circumstance save mental illness, have absolutely ZERO excuses to be homeless. Get a life, asdfg78.

9 years ago

Considering the house was already built and what has occurred here is simply a rehabilitation of an existing building, which to be fair does seem to nicely meld old and new in a very sympathetic manner, the comments about feeding the poor do seem somewhat fatuous. Would it have been better leaving the house to fall in to disrepair perhaps simply because its so large. Whether or not it is too large is also somewhat academic. Perhaps the owners have a very large family – seems that might be the case given the number of dining areas. Personally I wouldn’t… Read more »

9 years ago

Beautiful place! I love the unique architectural features.

9 years ago

How much is to to rent? Im curious!

9 years ago

needs more beige.

9 years ago

The leather seats! For around $3000 a night, it is a decent price considered it can definitely fit more than 10 person (5 bedrooms).

All that design and still no door on the pooper.

8 years ago

this estate is breathtaking! i love that spoon chandelier and all of the exposed stone

Molly Garrison
8 years ago

This is insane! a tremendous amount of space, and it does seem kind of “cozy” but still, all that stone makes me feel like it would be a little chilly. No matter what, it’s a beautiful place. Nice post, thanks!

8 years ago

Beautiful rustic house. Lighting is used in a beautiful way.

8 years ago

Really amazing and stunning
we must aplause the photographer as well he has got the real talent.
Nice interiors we rented a villa in our last tour to Saint Lucia “ww.stlucia.cc”.It was also stunning and amazing to watch the interiors in there .
Me and my family had a great time there .

2 years ago

L’influence mauresque a évolué en un style que même les Maures actuels, les Maghrébins n’ont pas su obtenir. Fabuleux !