Restoration of a 12th century oil mill in Spain

Located in Extramadura, a community of western Spain, this amazing building was first constructed by the Jerónimo monks in the 12th century and later became an oil mill. Due to its historic value, its original architecture was kept intact. In order to rehabilitate the building and transform it into a proper living space, the current owners transmitted their request to architect Ricardo Elizondo, who reinvented the space, after almost two decades of utter neglect. This fabulous residence characterized by austere lines and natural materials is bold and dramatic, making it a perfect home for lovers of genuine experiences. Colorful materials give the place an inviting touch, while iron and steel elements make an intriguing contrast with the old brick walls. Vintage furniture is aesthetically mixed with modern wooden items and paintings to breathe new life into the heavy atmosphere. A central courtyard brings in natural light into the home and is a great space for enjoying outdoor living and entertaining. Via

Walls of stone and brick in view, along with beautiful original arches, stand out in this spacious lounge.

The fireplace has retained the original limestone which has been restored.

The tone of the old beams has been copied on the roof of the dining room.

The handmade ceramic dishes have been intricately painted by Spanish painter Joan Bennassar. They portraying the colors and traditions of the landscape surrounding this unique construction.

The skylight in the roof accentuates the reliefs of the old cupboard, a Belgian almoneda-acquired.

This space has a magnificent panoramic view over the central courtyard of the building.

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