Most stunning beach house in Lima

Casa CC is an imposing residence designed by Longhi Architects, an experienced team from Lima, Peru. The contemporary home is located on Misterio beach and has magnificent, unobstructed views. According to the project developers, the 4,190 square-foot house is made up of two distinct volumes: one cube built in exposed concrete comes from the earth while the second one located 2.40 m apart and made out of glass looks as if it is “floating”on the site. The “concrete block” houses the social area of the dwelling in its lower levels and the master bedroom at the top. The “glass block” accommodates the children’s area in two levels. The space in between the blocks is occupied by a staircase designed as a series of sculptural elements that connect the hard appear of concrete to the soft look of glass provoking light and shadow effects as the sun visits the house during different hours of the day. The indoor decors are in complete harmony with the exterior architecture and concrete is present in almost every room, ensuring a clean and sober atmosphere.

Photos: Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography

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