Immense beauty lies within the canopy jungle

Triangulo House [Spanish for Triangle], is a 5,920 square feet geometrical home located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Designed by Ecostudio Architects, the home has been conceptualized by merging indoors and outdoors, generating spaces that completely open to the outside allowing a perceptual feeling of being immersed in the tropical canopy.

The architecture has been designed in a way where few walls exist to keep the spaces throughout the home light and airy. The staircase is a main focal point to the home and has been designed as a sculptural element. The use of color materials and textures is subject to creating integration and a contrast with the environment at the same time. This ranges from the tonality chosen for the windows to the volumetric language conceptualization and its corresponding characteristics. Via

Attention is drawn towards the sea that merges with the swimming pool and its endless edge. The upper level further explores the relationship with the panoramic view of the ocean, framed by hidden evidence that show the project’s constructive lightness. Besides, the dry gardens over flagstones and the upper sun deck stand out as an extension and complement to the interior in order to make a better use of the visuals.

The home has been designed with sustainability in mind. To be energy efficient, solar panels have been implemented for water heating, wide monitors for temperature control that crown spaces with more use, such as the kitchen and the master suite, and they allow extraction of hot air providing cross natural air flow, thus minimizing the use of air conditioning. The windows have large sliding panes from floor to ceiling to allow for maximum opening. Generous overhangs have been used to reduce sunlight exposure and work as protection of heavy and constant rains typical of the place.

Photos: Anny Leiva

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