Zen house sheds a new light on design in Singapore

Architects ONG & ONG designed a 3,100 square-foot, contemporary interior renovation of a Heritage Art Deco Style terrace home in Singapore. The project was called 55 Blair Road, completed in 2009. The concept was to create an open floorplan that promotes harmony between the interior and exterior spaces. The wall-less design of the interior of the home enables cross-ventilation throughout the spaces, which is a very desirable element for Singapore’s extremely humid weather. The use of subtle hues and metallic elements balance each other to create a unifying theme throughout the house.

The spiral staircase creates not only a focal point but an aesthetically pleasing environment that promotes harmony and balance by breaking up the white interiors. The television and music appliances are all hidden in recesses in the wall behind giant murals, revealed by the touch of a button or by the flip of the hand.

A visually appealing feature to the master bedroom is that there is a large void that allows the homeowner a view down to the first floor.

The sculpted stone bathtub sits at the edge of the cantilevered box that overlooks the pool and garden below. The flooring is walnut planks, keeping with the heritage of the property.

The glass partition doors of the first floor remain open to allow one large living space to be created. Several concrete and wood platforms over the pool oasis allow continuity between the two spaces, the kitchen and the living areas. The kitchen section of the home is the service quarters, which also features a powder room, the maids’ room and a roof terrace.

The 55 Blair Road terrace project was a renovation and restoration to a traditional art deco style shop house. The home was originally renovated 10 years ago but the new homeowner thought the house was too dark and requested that there be more natural light throughout the living spaces.

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