Spectacular modern house design in Spain

The Sotogrande House is just one of many amazing projects designed by Spain-based architecture firm A-Cero Architects. Located in Cadiz, Spain, this 4,300 square-foot cubic volume house has both a beautiful interior and exterior, very clean and modern. The dominated white interior demands a lot of care, but the overall ambiance is so comfortable that you will feel like being responsible. The furniture, designed by A-cero, includes lacquered modern pieces. White and beige woods have a main role in the furniture. In some places there are some details of dark wood which break the predominant white color. A great poolside with sleek modern furniture and a thorough use of the color white makes it a cool surrounding even in the hot summer heat. The master bedroom was designed with natural lighting and a large en-suite bathroom featuring a soaking tub, shower and private balcony. There is an abundance of living spaces while the dining room and a TV room have their own separate spaces.

This home is modern and sleek, sophisticated and well design…but very white. What do you think, is it too much white or could you feel right at home here?

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