The extreme home design of Casa do Artista

Nestled in a bluff on a deserted beach in Bahia, Brazil, this extraordinary house is made of a series of striking structures comprised of innovative materials. Casa do Artista is a masterpiece of a home designed by New-York based and Italian-born architect, artist, designer Gaetano Pesce. His work includes architecture, furniture, jewelry and objects, all of which are made unconventionally with the use of technologically advanced materials, both of which are evident in this extraordinary home that he has created. This has become more than a private vacation home, this house was Pesce’s experiment in residential architecture without limits; unique in materials, shape, form and technique. It is visually stimulating and over-the-top, but at the same time, in some ways, economically sensible. The home has been divided between private and public spaces, the main house contains the communal living spaces with seven detached buildings, each with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The main idea was that the house should evoke a feeling of being on a boat. So each individual building has been comprised of a different material. The main building’s facade is covered with a resin and tiles that resemble a fish scale, crafted from a material that weathers very well. One of the pavilions was constructed from rubber which appears smooth and elastic; locally manufactured, it has been infused with juniper to mask the rubber scent. Juniper also helps to clear colds, so house guests that spend a night in this home usually feel better the next day. Via

Influenced by the African culture that surrounds Bahia, the home has taken on all different colors, figures and distinctive shapes.

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