Getaway to the Swedish Mill House

An addition to an old farm in Vastra Karup in southern Sweden, The Mill House, designed by Swedish architect Gert Wingardh, has been converted into a modest vacation getaway for a family located in the nearby city of Malmo. The home is a manifestation of the Swedish ritual of sauna and baths. Aside from the indoor sauna and the dressing rooms, baths and relaxation areas, the Mill House is also a small guest house. The home exudes warmth and is very light and airy with it’s vast expanse of windows and natural wood cladding. A modest space is devoted to cooking and sleeping. Most of the space is dedicated to the the sauna and the pool adjacent to it, designed for the post-sauna dip. The beautiful natural gardens and the property surrounding the home takes on a Japanese Zen master’s approach to finding the simple life.

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