Eco-tropical Brazilian home – Bahia House

Created by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, the home was completed this year in Salvador, Brazil, where the exterior walls consist of sliding latticed wooden panels. The project, called Bahia House, was designed specifically for a hot climate and uses traditional Brazilian building techniques and materials, including clay for the roof and wood for the ceiling. The building is organized around a central patio to maximize natural ventilation and keep the interior cool in hot weather. According to the architect, “The Bahia House is an ecological house. But, not in the technological sense, not in the contemporary sense of the word ‘sustainability’, it does not have the very latest state-of-the-art gadgets that make it possible to optimize electric expenditure.” The openings have large panels of wooden Mashrabiyas that provides vast comfort to the interior. The traditional Bahian house uses the northeastern wind blowing in from the sea to help determine the site plan and has cross ventilation in in the main living spaces of the home to help keep the interior airy and cool. Our favorite features of the home is the way the concrete flooring extends from the interiors to the exteriors, making it feel like one large living space. We also like the seamless design between indoors and outdoor, integrating nature so that the homeowners can take advantage of the wonderful environment that surrounds them.

A long lap pool extends the length of the yard, perfect for outdoor exercise all year round. A large lattice work retaining wall helps maintain privacy on the property.

As seen in the image above, the living room can feel very closed off and dark when the sliding wall panel is not open to the elements. Concrete flooring runs throughout the interiors, keeping the home cool and giving off a modern vibe.

Photos:  Nelson Kon

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