Most incredible loft space in SoMa

Step inside 110 Freelon through the laser optics lit, steel tube pathway, and you’ve entered SoMa’s most brilliantly designed live-work loft environment, all set on a quiet side street in the perfect location of SoMa (South of Market), a neighborhood in San Francisco. Developed by the current owner with consulting from Martin Building Company, this astounding residence offers up an incredibly dramatic entertaining and living environment boasting unparalleled features and amenities. Set across over 5,000 square feet of total living space (4,400+indoor living) and featuring multiple levels of mezzanines, this residence is a work in visual intrigue and functionality. Converted from an original warehouse structure, the property’s radiant heated hardwood floors were salvaged from a Los Angeles airplane hangar and pay homage to that original hangar use reflected by nearly 30 foot exposed timber and white-washed ceilings. The roof line is adorned with multiple skylights including a 16 x 20 foot retractable center skylight that literally brings the outdoors inside. Listed here for the asking price of $3,100,000!

A dance club quality, multi-room sound and video system bring the property to life at any moment featuring 200 watts of thumping club level sound or brilliant clarity for a symphonic overture. Nearly every room and entertaining area in the residence features its own music control panel. The loft features a multi-setting custom control system for creating different lighting moods throughout the residence and can be accessed from numerous locations throughout the property. Dual brushed aluminum ceiling fans and the laser lit entry tube are equally accessed from the control panels as well.

Across the mezzanine and above the recently renovated kitchen with enormous pantry, sits the open office and gaming area, perfect for a quick play of foosball, photography or a creative exploration at the built in desk.


An industrial style center-set fireplace with exposed ceiling flue anchors the living room and creates a wonderful spot to relax and take in the drama and volume of the loft. On the catwalk above one can take in the glow from the recently renovated glass encased master bathroom featuring a two person walk-in shower stall with multiple shower heads and a stunning low-profile circular bathing tub.

For the sports enthusiast, the east living room exposed concrete wall features an NCAA style glass backboard and basketball hoop set at regulation height! After shooting a few free throws one can relax under the shade of the indoor 18 foot Ficus tree growing directly from the living room floor and maintained by an automated watering system. Or if one prefers, you might take in a movie or simply take in the graphic beauty displayed on the 9-screen, wall panel video system.

Open the door from the bath to the upper mezzanine and one can relaxingly soak while taking in the grandeur of the loft out and below, or enter back to the spacious master suite.

The second enclosed bedroom features a vaulted ceiling and skylight and a lovely, Juliet balcony onto Freelon Street.

Walk upstairs to the second master suite and one can either relax or entertain in the open-air environment or take in the glow from the arching roofline timbers above…or simply enjoy a glimpse of the city skyline to the north.

The private roof deck with sensational downtown views featuring Ipe wood decking, fencing, wet-bar, and a 2-4 person hot tub screened by bamboo planters.


  • shara ogin

    I’m looking for an interior designer for my living room.

    Who designed that space?

    • 1 Kind Design

      Hi Shara, Martin Building Company consulted on this project. Here is their contact information: info@martinbuilding.com / T: 415.442.4800. The name of the project is: 110 Freelon St. I hope this helps and please email me if I can be of any further help: onekindesign@gmail.com.

  • Anonymous


  • Jane Doe

    I guess if you have the ask the price you can’t afford it. And that basketball area really isn’t practical as if the ball hits the rim, it could shatter the vases. The tree would obviously attract unwelcome guests, as well. But it looks nice.

  • I almost always hate trendy, white-walled, ultra-modern looking spaces that usually end up looking hideous, but this one I actually like a lot…

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Would be well echoy.

  • Wish I had a living room on my roof too…

  • Now that is one awesome looking house

  • Anonymous

    is this in the US or Canada and what city

    • 1 Kind Design

      Hi there, this house is located in the US, in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.

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  • omgsh

    I must build this on Sims 3. I must.

  • i love the tunnel gate; like in movies, thanks for sharing

  • Last Shoot Photography

    wow that is really incredible :)

  • Very impressive loft! Love it !
    Thank you for sharing this article

  • Wooow, beautiful living. A place I can imagine myself living at.

  • Incredible! This is so pretty. There has been more and more modern, industrial homes. Thanks for sharing!

  • arif

    I love ambient light filling the room, as in above pics, love it

  • Looks fantastic, going to go build it now.

  • The multiple TV screens would be irritating to watch, even if it looks cool from a design point of view. I like this, but it resembles an office or a hotel – especially the bedroom. I don’t think I could sleep in it.

  • Feels like an office space. Not sure I like it… but elements are awesome!
    Nice touch with the white rocks around the tub.

  • eric

    200 watt club quality ‘thumping’ sound system? I have 3x that much in my trunk (RMS). Crappiest club I’ve been to had 800 watts. Place is AWESOME though!

  • SEO Victoria

    Whoever owns this place must be a damn good basketball player! Any brick could bounce off the rim and break something.

    Also, this “loft” is bigger than the average house. 5000 sq ft?!

    Nice place though!

  • Kshoo Design

    Love these loft spaces!

  • Lou

    While I can definitely appreciate the great ideas and the amazing sace, i really do think the materials are hideous. The furniture as well. Oh dear! Well, i guess thats what you get from being Scandinavian :)

  • M Pfeifer

    When can I move in?!?!

  • This article is very cool, I’ll be visiting San Fran during this summer, looks a great place

  • Que buen diseño yo quiero una casa asi

  • Enah Cruz

    This is an amazing house. Really. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t really need extra lighting during daylight because the design of the house allows a lot of natural light in (which ultimately makes it cost effective), the huge spaces are just wonderful. Even the colors, not too striking, not really boring. Just right. Amazing. I would want a house like this built for me and my family in the future.

  • Hi there, this house is located in the US, in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.

  • totally awesome and amazing, all I need is money and I will copy the sofa setup. Wew, wonderful job! Thanks a lot!