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36 Fabulous home libraries showcasing window seats

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Home libraries can take up a whole room or just a wall, and even if your space is small, giving a room a library aesthetic is a wonderful approach to decorating and will inspire you to read more. Not many homeowners have the luxury of having a separate home library, and if you have a passion for […]

44 Window nooks framing spectacular views

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A cozy window nook paired with an amazing view can make your window the perfect spot, easily making it one of your most favorite spaces in your whole home. You might not be able to have the same kind of views that we feature in the collection below, but you can still create your own […]

63 Incredibly cozy and inspiring window seat ideas

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  1 Kindesign’s collection of 63 Incredibly cozy and inspiring window seat ideas will help inspire your search for the perfect ideas on designing your own window seat. Designing a window seat has always posed a big design challenge for most people, how to make the most of the space under the window so that […]