Stunning Two Barns House in Poland for modern family living

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Two Barns House is a stunning modern dwelling designed by architecture studio RS+, located in a quiet northern district of Tychy, Poland, near the forest complex. Access to this 2,701 square foot (251 square meters) home is achieved by a cul-de-sac from the main road connecting the plot in its north-west corner. Zoning plans based on the […]

House in Zabrze defined by modern and bright interiors

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House in Zabrze showcases modern and bright interiors, designed for a family of four by Widawscy Studio Architektury, located in Zabrze, Poland. The clients wanted an open and airy interior, with all other design issues being relied upon by the architect to take care of. Consequently, this has resulted in good cooperation and the creation of […]

Beautifully Designed 29 Square Meters Flat in Poland

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The 29 Square Meters project is the makeover of a small flat to maximize space, completed in 2012 by architecture studio 3XA, located in Wroclaw, Poland. As the name suggests, the entire apartment only covers an area of 29 square meters, which is equivalent to 312 square feet! 29 square meters is a rather small […]

Impressive modern apartment in Poland: Konstancin House

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The Konstancin House is a contemporary single family home that has been designed by Nasciturus Design, situated in the town of Konstancin-Jeziorna, nearby Warsaw, Poland. The project was designed for a family of four, comprised of 3,767 square feet (350 square meters) of living space. The clients gave the architects a free hand in arranging […]

Charming and cozy Scandinavian style apartment in Warsaw

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This charming and cozy Scandinavian style apartment is a private home that has been designed by Soma Architekci, situated in Warsaw, Poland. This modern apartment offers 1,400 square feet of living space, located in a housing facility nearby the Szczęśliwicki Park. An initial projection of the apartment design was met with challenges due to an […]

Modern home showcasing grandeur and drama in Warsaw

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Gorski Residence is a gorgeous contemporary home showcasing grandeur and drama in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Los Angeles based FJ Interior Design. The designer has played around with scale in the use of furnishings and lighting adding instant intrigue. Drama runs full force with the use of black and white hues throughout most of the […]

Fascinating geometric house with mountain views

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The captivating XV House has been designed by architects from the Polish firm RS + Robert Skitek, located near the old town of Cracow, Poland in the calm district of detached houses, on the hill overlooking Wawel Hill and the mountains. The idea was to immerse the 5,112 square foot (475 square meters) house as […]

Unbelievable glass home in Krakow

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This luxury residence called Jodlowa House was designed by London-based architecture firm PCKO in collaboration with MOFO Architects from Poland for a private client in Krakow, Poland. The residence occupies the plot of outstanding natural beauty in the outskirts of Krakow. The fully glazed steel frame structure, suspended above the site, makes the most of […]

An architectural safe haven in Poland

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Located in a small village at the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland, the Safe House was designed by architectural firm KWK Promes with the aim to provide its residents a feeling of maximum security. The two story concrete residence offers approximately 6,100 square feet of spacious living areas, floor to ceiling windows, panoramic views of the […]

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