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Small apartment featuring Scandinavian minimalism in Russia

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This compact one bedroom apartment is a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, designed by INT2 Architecture, located in Saint-Petesburg, Russia. With a limited budget, this 667 square foot (62 square meters) home was decorated with plenty of inspired creativity, mixing DIY furnishings and accessories to create an artful aesthetic. The interior spaces were separated into a […]

Stylish home with Scandinavian influences in Moscow

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INT2 Architecture, completed a fascinating two-story home renovation project, located in the village of Lake Malakhovskoye, in the region of Moscow, Russia. The clients wanted all of the rooms in the 2,152 square foot (200 square meters) home to be stylistically different, with both floors of the home being feature-rich. On the basement level, the designers applied a […]

Stylish apartment designed with calming pastel colors in Russia

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Interior RDD is a small apartment showcasing a stylish mix of Scandinavian, French and Italian, completed in 2013 by INT2 Architecture in Moscow, Russia. The interior living space of this suburban home is comprised of 914 square feet (85 square meters). The open living spaces of the kitchen, dining and living area are in a nice spatial […]

Charming Russian apartment with open and functional interiors

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Interior DI is a wonderful small apartment design with open and functional interior living spaces by INT2 Architecture, located in Saint-Petesburg, Russia. This 1,130 square foot (105 square meters) renovation project encompassed adding additional space to the home by incorporating the balcony into the interior of the apartment, transforming it into a plywood box. The addition […]

Duplex features minimalist lines with Scandinavian aesthetics

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Interior NVMD is a duplex with a loft designed for a family with two children by INT2 Architecture, located in Zelenograd, a city in Moscow, Russia. Comprised of 1,614 square feet (150 square meters), the whole space reflects a minimalist feel with Scandinavian aesthetics mixed with eco-industrial elements. The lower level offers a spacious open plan concept […]

Clever design solutions in cozy 69 square meters apartment

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Interior IG is a small bachelor apartment designed to create a cozy yet highly functional interior atmosphere by INT2 Architecture, located in Minsk, Belarus. With a total surface area of 742 square feet (69 square meters), this home is a transition point for a young programmer for the next couple of years. Structured on one level, all spaces […]

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