Visually pleasing one-bedroom apartment interiors in Russia

Interior AMP-INT2 Architecture-01-1 Kindesign

Interior AMP is a beautifully renovated one-bedroom apartment that was recently completed by studio INT2 Architecture, located in  Saint-Petesburg, Russia. The original layout was very dysfunctional for the homeowner, having a large hallway with six doors, a tiny polygonal living room and kitchen with an extended bedroom. The architects re-imagined the entire apartment, creating a very pleasing design scheme. With some very clever design solutions at play, the living room/bedroom area was increased to 30 square meters and the dining area was given a sliding table to allow seating for 4-9 people. Even though the space is only 64 square meters, the open layout feels spacious. Guests are able to be entertained here thanks to the functionally designed furnishings and built-ins. The apartment features a neutral color palette, with the interior decor offering large planes of materials such as hardwood planks for the flooring.

Interior AMP-INT2 Architecture-02-1 Kindesign

Comprised of only six square meters, the bedroom is very small, sectioned off with a dividing wall and a bank of windows, flooding the space with natural light. With a deep window ledge, the space can be used as a window seat, using all available space. The bed is raised on a podium with a mattress width of 1800 millimeters and built-in drawers for storage of bed linens. A small shelf-locker is situated at the head of the bed, coat hooks, as well as a mirror. The apartment also houses a children’s bedroom, dressing room and guest bathroom that is also sharing space with the laundry room. In such a small space, there is a lot of function and form, and visually pleasing interiors. This project was very successfully designed with a great flow, what do you think, do you find these interiors welcoming and functional?

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Photos: Courtesy of INT2 Architecture

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