30 Brilliant and inspiring rooftop terrace design ideas

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  A home or apartment that has a rooftop terrace can offer many possibilities, including an amazing view. There are plenty of different styles you can use to decorate your outdoor living space. Add some gardens, a fireplace, lounge furniture, and even a dining space. This area can be used for relaxing and entertaining, offering […]

Backyard oasis in Austin with fabulous outdoor living spaces

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Now that we are entering into the summer season, we decided to bring you some outdoor living and garden inspiration with this refreshing backyard oasis in Texas. Located in Brentwood, a neighborhood in central Austin, this hidden gem was designed by B. Jane Gardens—a full service Landscape Design + Build Group. The designers offer high quality custom design as […]

40 Simply Amazing Garden Shed Ideas

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A garden shed provides a fantastic place to house your gardening tools and supplies, not to mention creating a beautiful focal point to your backyard. They help to enhance the aesthetics of your garden and offers a sheltered space to work. Some come with upgraded features, such as a work table and sink as well […]

40+ Brilliant ideas for stone pathways in your garden

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Adding stepping stone pathways into your garden can be an excellent addition, enhancing the aesthetic and helping to lead visitors on a stroll through your landscape. Stepping stones look very natural and are easy to maintain, if they are on your lawn, they can be mowed right over. You can use them to help create […]

6 Ultimate gardening tips for spring

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As spring approaches and we wave goodbye to those chilly wintery months it’s time once more to turn our attention and our green thumbs to some fine tuning in the garden. Aside from the essentials such as a little pruning here and there, making sure your lawns are well cut, cleaned up and weed free and […]

Remarkable three story Chelsea Townhouse renovation

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Chelsea townhouse is a three story contemporary renovation with a garden extension completed in 2011 by architecture studio Archi-Tectonics, located in Chelsea, New York. The existing 3,400 square foot brownstone townhouse is a New York landmark. The existing structure was gut-renovated and a 550 square foot garden extension was added to two floors and a […]