Architecture projects offering anywhere from modern and contemporary houses infused with a “wow” effect to Mediterranean, Tuscan and Asian influence homes from across the globe. Ranging from exterior and interior inspiration, live-work buildings to incredible commercial and hospitality projects and projects with an emphasis on sustainability are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of all spaces in your home by viewing incredible projects from world-class architects and designers, collated on a single source.

Beautiful and tranquil house in the woods

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Casa en el Bosque (House in the Forest) has been designed by architecture firm, Parque Humano, located in Valle de Bravo, Estado de Mexico, Mexico. The area faces extreme weather ranges from 35°C in the summer to cool temperatures in the winter that can drop to -2°C and heavy rain falls daily between June and […]

The Truffle House

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Ensamble Studio created a rough concrete exterior, left for years in the wilderness, and then hollowed it out to create a tiny home with waterfront views. The Truffle sits on a hilltop in Laxe, Spain, and consists of only the necessities, a bed, shower, sink, and kitchenette. Ensamble retrofitted the hollowed out interiors with smooth […]

Most stunning beach house in Lima

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Casa CC is an imposing residence designed by Longhi Architects, an experienced team from Lima, Peru. The contemporary home is located on Misterio beach and has magnificent, unobstructed views. According to the project developers, the 4,190 square-foot house is made up of two distinct volumes: one cube built in exposed concrete comes from the earth […]

Peacefully located modern retreat: Party Shack

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Party Shack House is one of two houses set side by side in a park like setting in a suburban neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Designed by architecture firm Balance Associates Architects, the houses are arranged to take advantage of an extensive garden that will be developed and of the salmon stream that runs through the […]

Innovative Harrison Street Residence

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The recently completed Harrison Street multi-unit residence is a definition of urban family living. The property contains two innovative residences filled with upscale materials and finishes which elevates the space beyond mere function and creates a seamless integration of indoor/outdoor living space. This is perfect for its newest residents, Paul Dawson and his young growing […]

Incredible Hyderabad house

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Rajiv Saini & Associates designed designed a remodel of an existing family home in Hyderabad, India. The architects were given a carte blanche for the project. They were ready to bring the house down and rebuild as they had made the most of the old house (built by the previous generation with Victorian column embellishments […]

Renovated eighteenth century house

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The renovation of this eighteenth century homestead in an apple orchard located in Columbia County, New York has been designed by Messana O’Rorke. The earliest recorded date for the house is 1734; however, many years of use and renovation have made the actual date unclear. Fabricated in huge hand hewn timbers the basic frame and […]

Gorgeous Wissioming Residence on a wooded site

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This house located in Glen Echo, Maryland is sited on a heavily wooded lot overlooking the Potomac River. Glen Echo, designed by Robert Gurney Architect stands as a rare enclave of modern houses in suburban Washington, DC. The new house occupies the footprint of a pre-existing house in an effort to minimally disturb the site, […]

Awesome riverhouse along Niagara Falls

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Riverhouse is a single-family home designed by Zerafa Studio llc in Niagara Falls, Ontario.The main feature of the site is the long unobstructed river views across the full 164 foot width of the property. The 4,700 square foot of interior living space and 1,200 square foot of covered terrace were crafted to embrace this feature […]

Amazonian jungle house blurs indoor-outdoor boundaries

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Carved out of the Brazilian jungle of Iporanga, Sao Paulo, Brazil, this beautiful tropical house was designed by the architect Arthur Casas as his personal dream house. The architect stated that he had always dreamed of having a home in the middle of the forest, a space where he could relax and unwind. The dwelling is formed into […]

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