25 Absolutely Fabulous Outdoor Shower Ideas For A Backyard Oasis

fabulous outdoor shower ideas for a backyard oasis

⁤When creating your backyard oasis, an element you may wish to add is an outdoor shower for a luxurious and refreshing experience. ⁤⁤Whether rinsing off after a swim or just wanting an invigorating outdoor showering experience surrounded by nature, an outdoor shower adds a touch of indulgence to any outdoor space. ⁤They are also a great place to rinse off your four-legged family members!

If you are considering installing an outdoor shower, it’s important to select surfaces capable of enduring year-round exposure to the elements, whether from the harsh sun or snow, depending on your location. ⁤⁤Materials such as stone, marine-grade wood, and all-weather tile are excellent choices for durability. ⁤⁤Additionally, you should consider your desired level of privacy: doors, outdoor fabric curtains, or no enclosure at all.

From garden showers to open-air showers, there are endless possibilities when it comes to designing the perfect outdoor shower. Whether you prefer a luxurious spa-like experience or a natural and tranquil retreat, these outdoor shower ideas will help you create the ultimate outdoor sanctuary where you can escape the stresses of everyday life.

Continue below for some amazing outdoor shower ideas to create a backyard oasis. Underneath each of the images are further details and links to the sources of the designers behind the projects.

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1. Add Patterned Tile.

outdoor shower with patterned tile

Add a wow factor to your outside shower. The encaustic handmade cement tile used on this shower is the Pavilion I from Cement Tile Shop is used on this beauty. (via Studio AR&D Architects)

2. Open Air Tree Shower.

outdoor rain shower

Perched high in the branches of an ancient oak and surrounded by forest, this outdoor rain shower will leave you feeling invigorated. A huge copper showerhead creates a dreamy experience that will soothe your body and mind. This unique outdoor shower can be found at The Woodsman’s Treehouse in the UK. (via @haarkon_)

3. Spiral Outdoor Shower.

spiral outdoor shower

Embrace the beauty of nature with a stacked stone shower enclosure, stone flooring, and a rainfall showerhead for a rustic and cozy feel. This unique outdoor shower can be found at the Mhondoro Game Lodge in South Africa. (via Dook Photography for Mhondoro Game Lodge)

4. Climbing Roses.

outdoor shower with climbing roses

In a California home, an outdoor shower offers dual entrances. Nestled in a courtyard adjacent to the main bathroom, it can be accessed either by passing through the marble-clad interior shower via a glass door or through a patio door. From within the bathroom, the view outward—through a window above the sink and the glass door—resembles a charming terrace adorned with climbing roses. This is achieved by cleverly mounting the shower head on a wooden beam, with water flowing through the decking, eliminating the need for a drain. (via Madeline Stuart Associates)

5. Indoor-Outdoor Bathroom.

outdoor shower with stone countertop and sink

This tropical outdoor shower of a beach house in Brazil features a bathroom that is completely open to the exterior with its own garden defined by walls, like a private patio. (via Studio Mk27)

6. Shower Privacy Wall.

outdoor shower with a privacy wall

Transform your backyard into a tranquil nature retreat with this outdoor shower. A wood privacy screen helps to shield you from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Add a few potted plants for a serene aesthetic. (via Edmund Barr for BHG)

7. Outdoor Shower Privacy Wall.

outdoor shower with a cedar privacy wall

A quintessential California ranch home features darkly painted board and batten siding creating the perfect backdrop for the outdoor shower. Cedar panel walls provide a privacy enclosure for this fabulous outdoor showering experience. Cedar is the perfect material selection for an outdoor shower, as it thrives in all temperatures and does not warp or split easily — and it’s sustainable! (via Libby Raab Architecture)

8. Colorful Tile.

outdoor shower with colorful tile

outdoor shower with colorful tile

Having an outdoor shower is a dream, like this one on the patio of a home in Palm Springs, California. This shower is stunning thanks to the beautiful tile pattern called ‘Tahala’ from Cement Tile Shop. The pattern makes for a one-of-a-kind showpiece! The shower faucet was custom-made by Watermark Faucets. A similar rainhead shower is the Sonoma Forge model 870 system. (via @jlblake12)

9. Surfboard-Inspired Shower.

surfboard-inspired outdoor shower

Nothing like an outdoor shower. One of life’s simple but, great pleasures. This outdoor shower is anything but ‘boarding’! This one comes as a kit, the Free Standing Cedar Standard kit with surfboard plumbing, from Cape Cod Shower Kits. (via Cape Cod Shower Kits)

10. Outdoor Bathtub.

outdoor bath and shower combo

Take your outdoor shower to the next level by adding a luxurious bathtub for the ultimate spa-like experience. This incredible outdoor tub/shower combo is located at Casa Camino in Oria, Italy. (via Borgogallana)

11. Rustic Charm.

outdoor shower in the Spanish countryside

In the backyard of a home in Costa Brava, Spain, a stucco wall provides privacy to this rustic outdoor shower that can be used for rinsing off after a refreshing dip in the pool. (via Mas Pla de Calabuig)

12. Tropical Paradise.

tropical outdoor shower with lush greenery

Incorporate lush greenery such as elephant ears (Colocasia), an assortment of palms and underplanting of ferns, and pebble flooring to transport yourself to a tropical getaway every time you step into your outdoor shower. The tropical landscaping helps to keep this outdoor shower private, in the backyard of a home in Sydney, Australia. (via Ess Creative for Harrison’s Landscaping)

13. Mediterranean Escape.

Mediterranean-inspired outdoor shower

Mediterranean-inspired outdoor shower

An unusable alleyway was transformed into a Mediterranean-inspired outdoor shower. An outdoor shower is one of the most practical additions to a garden, especially if you have a pool or are near a coastal area. They add a nice balance of practicality and design. (via Jungalow)

14. Tiled Shower

outdoor shower with blue tile

Add some zest to the blandness of plain white walls by outlining an outdoor shower with a tiled backsplash. This practical yet aesthetically pleasing spot to shower outdoors draws on the Mediterranean style of the home, situated in Rose Bay, a harborside suburb of Sydney, Australia. (via Briony Fitzgerald Design)

15. A Natural Escape.

outdoor shower with a stone surround

This enchanting outdoor shower is surrounded by weathered stone and lush landscaping, offering a tranquil oasis on Martha’s Vineyard. A stone slab provides a convenient spot to have a seat or to place showering essentials. (via Martha’s Vineyard Construction Company)

16. Tropical Vibes.

outdoor shower cut into the rock

Nestled in a tropical forest in Sayulita, Mexico, this outdoor shower is cut into the rock. A wood stool is the perfect spot to store shampoo and body wash. (via Main Office Architects)

17. Nature-Inspired Shower.

outdoor shower off the side of a house with plants

This Eco Sustainable House outdoor hot/cold shower was installed by punching the plumbing through an external wall (the other side is a bathroom). The owners are just a couple of blocks from the beach, so they desired an outdoor shower. They also use it after a hot day of working in the yard. Add some plants for a garden shower feel. (via @reno.by.the.coast)

18. Coastal Retreat.

beach style outdoor shower with a sliding barn door

Emulate the serene atmosphere of the beach with a coastal-inspired outdoor shower experience. This outdoor shower is cleverly concealed behind a sliding barn door. A gooseneck light fixture illuminates the deck in the evening. (via GLDESIGN)

19. Open-Air Design.

cape cod style outdoor shower

Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with an open-air shower, which can also be used for your four-legged family members! We love the beautiful backsplash tile of this cape cod-style design. This outdoor shower is a kit that can be found at the provided link. (via Cape Cod Shower Kits)

20. Free Flow.

outdoor waterfall shower

Create a tranquil outdoor shower experience with verdant greenery and a waterfall-inspired shower head. The water feature plays double-duty as decoration and practical. (via Steve Ryan for Homes To Love)

21. Tropical Pitcher Plant Habitat.

outdoor shower with tropical pitcher plants

This outdoor shower features a tropical pitcher plant habitat. Repurposed squirrel cage fans create unique downlights in the corner. The shower is mounted on a slatted wood wall. This outdoor oasis is perfect for rinsing off after working in the garden. An overhead pergola offers additional shading and privacy. (via Ed Gohlich for The Horticult)

22. Island Breeze.

tropical outdoor shower

A retreat in Hawaii offers the full tropical living experience with this fabulous outdoor shower built from lava rock. The rugged black stone creates a stunning juxtaposition against the sleek shower wall with light-colored tiles. (via Wendi Young Design)

23. Beachy Vibes.

beach style outdoor shower

Shower curtain rods are used to close off this outdoor shower oasis of a home in Carlsbad, California. The shower curtain is from World Market. A large planter also provides additional privacy and natural vegetation. (via Brookside Landscape Design)

24. Hawaiian Rustic.

tropical shower with a lava rock wall

The shower head is called a Hamakua Hammered Brass rain head from Effective Homes. The valve is a Kohler old-school exposed hot-cold valve and the chrome was sandblasted off the brass. The risers to the valve are just raw brass. The towel holder is custom-made by a local artist in Hawaii. Lava Rock provides a privacy screen for this invigorating shower. (via GT Design, Inc.)

25. Tropical Vibes.

Hawaiian plantation retreat outdoor shower

The shower assembly is composed of a bronze Kohler shower valve with a copper gooseneck riser and brass Hamakua art metal shower head. The shower head and assembly are purchased through Ferguson Enterprises. The exterior light fixture is from Bevolo – Williamsburg Flush Mount with a Stack. (via Chelsea Court Designs)

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My favorites: The Open Air Tree Shower, The Spiral Shower, and A Natural Escape