Step into this spectacular minimalist refuge in Missoula’s Rattlesnake Valley

minimalist home exterior

The impressive minimalist refuge was designed by MMW Architects, located in the peaceful landscape of Rattlesnake Valley, Missoula, Montana. Entitled “Las Palmas Residence”, this dwelling draws inspiration from the mid-century modern homes of Palm Springs, seamlessly integrating local materials to establish a profound connection with its surroundings.

Initially presenting a modest and secluded facade to the street, the residence undergoes a captivating transformation as it unfolds dramatically to the south. Here, the living and sleeping wings converge to create an expansive, sunlit courtyard meticulously fashioned for entertaining. The deliberate infusion of natural light into every room further enhances one’s appreciation for this residence.

minimalist home exterior at dusk

What We Love: This gorgeous minimalist home provides its inhabitants with a welcoming refuge for everyday living and entertaining. Inside, a calming neutral palette offers a relaxed atmosphere when coupled with abundant natural light and thoughtfully curated furnishings. We love the overall aesthetics of this home, showcasing a perfect harmony between simplicity and sophistication.

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minimalist home entry foyer

minimalist dining room with large windows

minimalist kitchen

minimalist kitchen pantry

minimalist dining room with large windows

minimalist living room

minimalist living room with a fireplace

Above: This minimalist living room is comfortable and relaxing with a focal point fireplace and sliding glass doors for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

minimalist sitting room with a large window

minimalist family room

minimalist home office

modern hallway

minimalist bedroom with open shelves

Above: The owner’s bedroom provides a respite at the end of a long day. Open shelves are perfect for storing books, and personalized accessories.

minimalist bathroom with a makeup vanity

minimalist bedroom

minimalist bedroom

Above: This cozy bedroom comes complete with a wall-mounted cat bed — the MYZOO Spaceship Gamma pet bed.

minimalist bathroom

minimalist daybed in a window also with built-in shelves and a writing desk

Above: A cozy window nook provides a cozy daybed, perfect for reading and napping. Privacy curtains can be drawn at nighttime.

modern entertainment room with a ping pong table

PHOTOGRAPHER Gibeon Photography

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