18 Amazing Last-Minute Fall Decorating Ideas For Seasonal Vibes

amazing last minute fall decorating ideas

If you are looking for some last-minute ideas to decorate your home for fall, there is still plenty of time to infuse your home with the spirit of autumn. There are so many rooms in your home that you can decorate, aside from your front entry to greet your guests, you can decorate your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and even your bathroom. You can also host a fall-themed party to embrace the beauty of the season.

Below we have gathered together some delightful last-minute fall decorating ideas that will bring the vibrant hues and cozy vibes of fall right into your living spaces. Underneath each of the images are further details and the sources of each of the images to get the full DIY tutorials. Enjoy and happy fall!

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1. Cozy Porch Vibes.

fall decorated front porch with pumpkins and mums

This charming front porch features the most perfect muted orange pumpkins, mums, a fall wreath, and cozy textures with the throw and pillows. The “Thankful” pillow is from @linenandivory. (via @caligirlinasouthernworld)

2. A Pumpkin Vignette.

a cozy corner with stacked pumpkins and a vase with pumpkin branches

Pumpkins make for versatile and easy-to-incorporate decorations. This cozy vignette features an assortment of decorations that can be placed anywhere in your home for visual delight. Layer in some faux fall leaves and a vase filled with artificial pumpkin branches for the finishing touches. (via @farmshenanigans)

3. Fall Colors In The Kitchen.

farmhouse style kitchen decorated for fall

Make your kitchen your happy place by drawing inspiration from this fall-themed kitchen. Full of vibrant hues, the space is adorned with faux pumpkins, leaves, and fall foliage. Consider enhancing the ambiance with the soft glow of illuminated pumpkins or the enchanting twinkle of string lights to infuse your kitchen with that extra dash of seasonal magic. FYI: The kitchen island is painted in St Bart’s by Sherwin Williams. (via @farmshenanigans)

4. Fall Chic Dining.

dining room with fall decorations

Ready for a fall party, this dining room is decorated with such beautiful colors and lovely autumn decor. The spoons and breadboards on the wall were sourced from @thenestedfig. (via @farmshenanigans)

5. Outdoor Fall Tablescape.

outdoor fall tablescape with pumpkins and mums

outdoor fall tablescape with pumpkins and mums

Embrace the beauty of autumn by hosting your fall party in the great outdoors, be it on your patio or within your garden sanctuary. Elevate the atmosphere with carefully layered arrangements of pumpkins and vibrant mums, complemented by the soft flicker of candles and the warm glow of string lights. Your evening gathering will be transformed into a magical ambiance. (via @littlehouseonchestnut)

6. Hey There Pumpkin.

fall front porch with a doormat and pumpkins and mums

If you want to go simple this year and just add a few fall decor elements to your home, why not start out with just the basics? This includes a fall-inspired doormat and real or faux pumpkins. Layer in some fresh mums for visual appeal. This doormat was found at Etsy, but you can find similar doormats on Amazon, Kirkland’s, Wayfair, or Home Depot. (via @littlehouseonchestnut)

7. Fall-Themed Apple Cider Bar.

fall themed apple cider bar in front of an old shed outdoors

fall themed apple cider bar outdoors

An apple cider bar is perfect for hosting fall parties. First, you will want to think about the display of your cider, whether serving from a crockpot or a beverage dispenser. Display your toppings, which can include cinnamon sticks, fresh orange slices, caramel sauce, whipped cream, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. You may also wish to include bourbon or whiskey for the adults! Be sure to also include some freshly baked treats such as apple pies, and apple cider donuts. You can include a charcuterie board.

As the sun sets and the evening chill sets in, you can enhance the cozy ambiance with blankets, throw pillows, and outdoor heaters or fire pits. Organize fun fall-themed games and activities to keep guests entertained. Pumpkin carving contests, apple bobbing, or a scavenger hunt for seasonal items can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your outdoor gathering. (via @littlehouseonchestnut)

8. Welcome To The Pumpkin Patch.

rustic family room with a cozy fireplace and fall decorations

This charming rustic family room is super cozy with a fireplace, illuminated lanterns, and fall-scented candles. Layer in some pumpkins, fall leaves, autumn-themed pillows, and a textured throw for added warmth. Similar plaid pillows can be found at Kirkland’s, Grandin Road, Amazon, Pottery Barn and Wayfair. (via @goldenboysandme)

9. Cozy Fall Vibes.

living room decorated with cozy fall vibes

Fall is a great way to be creative by mixing and matching different textures, colors, and pumpkins to create a visually appealing space. A simple way to infuse some fresh fall decor into your space is by using a tray and decorating it with some fall-inspired elements, such as pumpkins, candles, beads, and foliage. The great thing about this idea is it can easily be moved around when you are entertaining. The garland on the fireplace mantel was sourced from Pottery Barn. (via @nissalynninteriors)

10. An Autumn Fairy Tale.

fall front porch with pumpkins, mums and lanterns

fall front porch with pumpkins, mums and lanterns

If you only have time to decorate one space in your home, your front porch would be the perfect spot. It will bring inviting fall vibes to both you are your guests. This fall-decorated entryway is so inviting with the fall leaves, pumpkins, mums, lanterns, and a wreath on the door. The adorable pup adds the finishing touch! (via @marzena.marideko)

11. Hello Fall Entryway.

warm and cozy fall decorated entryway

This entryway is just stunning, we love how warm and cozy it is. The leaf prints on the wall above the bench are a perfect fall touch, sourced from @joann_stores. Neutrals, textures, and simple fall touches. (via @shegaveitago)

12. Fall-o-Ween Entryway.

fall and Halloween decorated entry console table

Since Halloween is around the corner, you may wish to go ahead and mix fall and Halloween together to get the perfect mix. The entry console table mixes both white and black pumpkins together along with bottles covered in chicken wire and filled with artificial leaf branches. A black wreath is mounted on artwork sourced from @joyfullysaid. The wreath is a Halloween DIY, get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via @shegaveitago)

13. Home Sweet Home.

cozy bedroom decorated for fall

This beautiful and cozy bedroom has just the right elements to bring in the feeling of fall. It’s all about the layering of textures and mixing neutrals with fall colors. The “Home Sweet Home” pillow was sourced from @withlavenderandgrace. The fall-scented candle is from @antiquecandleco_. Next to the candle is a vase filled with Craspedia flowers, which have a long vase life and are an ideal dried flower. The wall art next to the side of the bed is from @mapiful. (via @jesshupf)

14. Love Fall Most Of All.

fall decorated living room

In this inviting living room, the fireplace mantel features a simple fall vibe that can easily transition into a Thanksgiving look. A garland of leaves is affixed to the top of the mantel with command hooks. Layer in white pumpkins, taper candles, and remote-control pillar candles sourced from @lamp.lust. The cute logs in the fireplace were sourced from @loweshomeimprovement. (via @georgiamaes_)

15. Hand-Picked Pumpkins.

autumn on the front porch with pumpkins and mums and outdoor furniture

If you are entertaining this autumn season, then decorating your porch with fall-inspired decor is a must. Layer in some large pumpkins, fresh mums, cornstalks, and even some fall signage. Plaid pillows added to your outdoor furnishings and even some cozy throws for to keep warm during those chilly fall days. If you have enough space, try adding a fire table for extra warmth and ambiance. The fall signage is from the provided link. (via @decorsteals)

16. Autumn Leaves And Bats Please.

bedroom decorated with a mix of fall and halloween with leaves, pillows and bats on the wall

This cozy bedroom is full of autumn vibes mixed with some Halloween-inspired decor to transition from one season to the next. A similar October 31 pillow can be found on Etsy or Amazon. DIY the bats out of cardboard, construction paper, or card stock (affix with no damage mounting tape). The fall leaves hanging from the chandelier are from @michaelsstores. The fall sign on the wall was sourced from @antiquefarmhouse. The black and white pillows on the bed are from @landofpillows. FYI: The wall paint color is Graystone 1475 by Benjamin Moore. (via @bridgewaydesigns)

17. Beautiful Autumn Garland.

fall decorated kitchen with a garland on the vent hood

When it comes to decorating the kitchen, sometimes less is more. So your space does not become too cluttered, why not create a focal point? This space features a pretty fall garland on the vent hood with five little pumpkins on top — signifying how many family members are living in this home! (via @bloom_jennybrooks)

18. A Fall Bathroom Refresh.

guest bathroom with neutral fall decor

Be sure to get ready for the fall entertaining season with some fall-inspired decor in your guest bathroom. Adding autumn-themed accents will help to create a welcoming space. The art on the shelf is from @ebenezer_market. On the wall, the wreath is from @casabenedetta. The vanity light fixture is from @loweshomeimprovement. FYI: The walls are a combination of shiplap wallpaper from Target and paint — Zircon SW 7667 by Sherwin Williams. (via @my.blessed.home)

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