This camp-like cabin offers a peaceful refuge in the woods of Maine


Winkelman Architecture has designed this traditional, three-season camp-like cabin that is located on a heavily wooded site in Orland, a town in Hancock County, Maine. This rustic cabin was created as a woodland escape for a couple with four children. Additionally, the family needed to equip their home with extra accommodations for two other families that would be frequently joining them (approximately 20 people total).

The owners requested a camp with a deep wood “feel” that fits into the context of the site as if it has been there for generations. To diminish the visual mass of the whole, the house was designed as two parts; a main building and a ‘bunk’ side building. The space between the two sides is roofed and screened as a porch and serves as a central mudroom/entry.


This space between the masses frames a visual link to the pond in distance, on an axis with the auto arrival circle. Entry circulation can flow straight down and out, through porches toward the pond, reinforcing the user’s link to the landscape.


Different materials are used on each side to further break up the mass of the whole and tell a different story with each. To further reduce sprawl into the landscape, a daylight basement was created to house bunk rooms, baths, and utility rooms.


What We Love: This camp-like cabin nestled in a heavily wooded site provides a peaceful retreat for family and friends to connect with nature and one another. The cabin encourages shared experiences, from exploring the great outdoors to gathering in front of the large stone fireplace. The design, structure, and amenities of this cabin make it a true summer escape and home away from home.

Tell Us: Would this woodland cabin be your idea of the perfect family getaway? Let us know why or why not in the Comments below!

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This heavily wooded lakeside site has north-facing views and dramatic adjacent cliffs. Strewn about the site are massive boulders the size of cars and trucks. The property also has a natural dock to access the lake. Adirondack chairs offer a comfortable spot for parents to gather and enjoy great conversation while watching their kids play in the water.


PHOTOGRAPHER Brian Vanden Brink

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1 year ago

Pure perfection! This place is magical and design/decor perfection!

1 year ago

While campy and delightful, I’ll never understand putting a huge fireplace and yet not wall is insulated. The summers are hot, muggy and buggy and the winters freezing cold. Insulation would help both. Too big and wonderful not to be used more often

1 year ago

Kinda has that dogtrot feature with the way the foyer is between the other to parts of the house. Wish I could see more.
Also I love it when a house receives thoughtful additions & yet preserves parts of its history like the way this one has kept the exterior features in the part that is now the foyer.