See this amazing Australian house created to mimic a natural gorge


This unique Australian house was designed for a family of five by CplusC Architectural Workshop, located in Sydney, New South Wales. The design of the home celebrates the wonderful Sydney climate after returning from many years of living abroad in Hong Kong.

The design delivers spacious living and entertaining areas which harmoniously flow into the outdoor areas at the ground level. An elevated external corridor connects the children’s bedrooms which overlooks the surrounding landscape and swimming pool.


Located in Sydney’s lower North Shore, this house enjoys views of the Lane Cove River and the Sydney CBD. The home is consistent with the immediate neighbors in terms of setbacks and maximum height. However, the form is a modern re-interpretation of the gable houses typically found in the region. The form of the home mimics a natural gorge, where rock-like structures bisect river-like water features.


The design provides a public presence while preserving privacy on an exposed site. The distinctive cladding is a nod to the iconic Australian vernacular material intended to age over time, developing rusted edges.


This Australian house features a grouping of three corrugated iron-sheet panels that clads the exterior facade along the street-facing side and will patina over time.


The finished result is a home with a strong connection with nature and an abundance of space to entertain and grow with the family.


What We Love: This incredible Australian house has a visually unique and sculptural design. We are loving the juxtaposition of shapes and forms, the dividing water feature, and connecting bridges. A wonderful considered landscape design is in perfect harmony with the architecture. We can imagine that it would be fun living here!

Tell Us: What elements in the design of this home do you find most intriguing? Let us know in the Comments below!

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Above: Tallowwood floorboards (Bona Traffic) are used throughout this dwelling. Tallowwood is one of the most naturally durable (termite and rot resistance) timbers in the world.



Above: The double-volume kitchen features custom cabinetry that’s finished in a two-pack polyurethane. The perimeter countertops are Corian, while the island is Quantum Quartz.


Above: The main floor living spaces are connected to the walkway and the outdoors through expansive sliding glass doors with retractable fly-screen doors.


Above: Water features slice through the center of the home, extruded lengthwise. Narrow, cathedral-like spaces are formed around the water features are travel parallel to the walkways that link the living spaces.


Above: Flowering vines will form a lush living corridor over time.


Above: Glazed walkways connect the volumes over the water features.


Above: This bedroom has a bright and airy feel courtesy of vaulted ceilings and large windows.


Above: This luminous spiral staircase leads one from the dining room to an upstairs lounge.


Above: Expansive sliding doors constructed from Western Red Cedar provides a separation between the walkway and the private bedrooms.


Above: This outdoor fire pit is located between the dining room and the study.


Above: At the back of the property, a linear swimming pool provides a cool dip during the warm summer months.

PHOTOGRAPHER Murray Fredericks and Michael Lassman





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no comment
1 year ago

these kinds of “linear” designs may look good in photographs, but i really wonder about how “livable” they are. the idea of having to go outdoors (exterior walkway) to go between bedrooms?!? yikes!

1 year ago

Stunning, and so perfect for our Aussie climate!