21 Of The Best Last Minute Spooktacular DIY Halloween Decorations


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s not too late to add some last-minute DIY Halloween decorations to bring some spooky fun to your property. Most of these project ideas that we have gathered together for you are inexpensive and simple to create and fun for the whole family! Everything from spiders, skeletons, ghosts, bats, and pumpkins, there are plenty of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

Many of these craft projects can be made in a pinch and can be re-used for next Halloween. Have a look below for some fantastic DIY Halloween decorations. Below each of the images, you will find further instructions and the materials you will need along with the sources of each of the images. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

Tell Us: Which one of these DIY Halloween decorations do you find most inspiring and why in the Comments below!



1. Spooky Eyeballs In A Tree. To recreate this project, you will need a pair of 24″ white beach balls. Color in the eyes with a large tip Sharpie. To create an outline for the iris, use a bowl. Use some twine to help secure the balls to the tree. A quick and easy project to add a little scare into your Halloween. TIP: You could do this same project with some large white balloons and add glow sticks into them, which can also be added to your shrubs. (via The Princess and The Frog)


2. Life-Sive Halloween Ghost. To create this inexpensive and simple spooky ghost idea you will need 6-8 packages of cheesecloth. large foam ball, two small foam balls, a paint roller extension pole, a pair of yardsticks, a hammer, two short large-headed nails, a jug of Sta-Flo liquid starch, an empty spray bottle, a sheet of black felt (for the eyes, and mouth), scissors, fabric glue, large sewing needle and a spool of fishing line. You can hang it from your front porch, a tree, or anywhere else you can find to give your trick-or-treaters a scare. Get the full instructions at the provided link. (via HGTV)



3. Spooky Spirit Jugs. Illuminate your front porch or driveway for some spooky eveningtime ambiance. This idea is simple and inexpensive to make. To recreate this, you can use either gallon milk jugs or empty water jugs, a permanent black marker, a craft knife, and a string of clear low-wattage Christmas lights for the illumination (you can also use the battery operated ones if you do not have an outlet nearby). Begin this project by tracing out the spooky faces with a black marker, then color them in. Cut a hole in the backs of the jugs to put the lights inside. (via Eighteen 25)


4. Glowing Ghosts Balloons. These ghoulish balloons are a perfect and simple addition to your Halloween decor and can be used indoors or out. All you need is a Sharpie, balloons, and some glow sticks. A couple dozen of these floating in your yard or hanging in your windows will be sure to give passers-by a fright! (via Be Different Act Normal)




5. Hanging Foam Bats. Add a spooky touch to your front yard with a colony of swooping bats that are weatherproof! To create this simple and fun project you will need black craft foam, scissors, fishing line, googly eyes, a pencil, craft glue, and a hole punch. Download the bat template to help get you started. Get the full instructions on how to recreate this project at the provided link. (via HGTV)



6. Black And White Halloween Topiary. Add some spooky curb appeal to your front porch with this illuminated pumpkin topiary. To make this project, you will need five lighted pumpkins, a 1″ circumference wood dowel, a pot, flowers, black and white spray paint, primer, and an extension cord. Begin by priming your pumpkins, then spray paint three white and two black. The dowel also gets painted black. Drill a 1-inch hole in the bottoms and thread the dowel through to stack and set into the flower pot. For more detailed instructions, click the provided link. (via Tatertots and Jello)


7. Black Silhouette Hands & Feet. Add a spooky fun touch to your garage, shed, or even your windows with these black silhouettes. To make this clever Halloween craft you will need bright-colored cardstock or tissue paper and black cardstock. The bright color will need to be shaped to fit your windows. Trace out hand and feet outlines onto the black cardstock and cut out the shapes. The hands can be affixed onto the bright cardstock and affixed to your windows with removable tape. Affix the feet to either the bottom of your garage door or your house. (via Adam Albright for Better Homes & Gardens)



8. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries. To create this fun and simple project you will need lightweight witches hats which can be found at a variety of stores that carry Halloween decorations (Walmart, Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby). You will also need fishing line and a command hook to affix to your ceiling. Use a needle to thread the line through the top of the hat and triple knot to secure (leave a long line from the top of the hat to hang from your ceiling or a tree). TIP: Use a safety pin to knot the line to attach to your light source for illumination. For the light source, this can be a glow stick, LED lights, or any other battery-powered light source. (via Trick or Treat Me)


9. Creepy-Crawly Pumpkin Spider. Layer three pumpkins from big to small to form the body of this spider. Make some eyes with white cardstock and button or use large googly eyes and attach with hot glue. Scavage for branches from around your property or nearby woods to make the creepy legs. Set this on display on your porch, doorstep or lawn. (via Miki Duisterhof for Woman’s Day)


10. Floating Halloween Ghosts. Create a ghostly welcome for your trick-or-treaters with this trio of hanging ghosts. To make this DIY craft you will need three white plastic bowls (Dollar Store) with holes pre-drilled into the bottom centers. Use twine or fishing line to run through the holes and affix with duct tape. White cheesecloth (or old white sheets) cut into two large squares with holes in the centers will need to be threaded into the overturned bowls. Use black felt to snip out spooky faces and affix them with glue to the cloth. Hang these spooky ghosts from your front porch, or a tree. TIP: Illuminate with glow sticks or a bundle of battery-operated string lights and attach with the fishing line or twine. (via Kathryn Gamble for Better Homes & Gardens)


11. Monster’d Front Porch. Deck out your front porch with this scary monster face. The eyes are made with wood, however, if you are doing this last minute, you could use a large piece of white foam core to get the same look (Hobby Lobby, Office Depot, Michaels, Walmart, etc.). Either use paint or markers to color the eyes (use Scotch Stucco Tape to affix to your outdoor wall). For the teeth, you will need pieces of tissue paper or craft paper in layers and fold them in half. Trace out the teeth pattern, cut, and paint white. Get the DIY tutorial at the provided link. (via 100 Things 2 Do)


12. DIY Paper Bag Luminaries. These Halloween paper bag lights will be a simple and inexpensive way to add a spooky vibe. Add spooky faces, words, or other designs using sharpies. Cut or hole punch your designs into the bag with stencils. You can also add stamps or stickers to your bags. Use larger paper grocery bags for great effect. Line your driveway or walkway up to your front door, add them to your staircase, mantel, kitchen countertop, or as a dining table centerpiece. Light them with tealights, glow sticks, or battery-operated light strings. (via Kids Kubby)


13. Phantom Children Halloween Ghost. These spooky ghosts will be sure to add a frightful scare to wherever you prop them. To make this spooky craft you will need a large doll, your choice of fabric, Fabric quick stiffening spray (Aleenes Stiffen-Quik Fabric Stiffening Spray). Drape fabric over your doll and spray it with the stiffening spray. Let it set, then remove your doll. Decorate these spooky ghosts by placing them on a chair, ledge, steps, or a porch swing. (via Love It So Much)


14. Tin Can Luminaries. For this fun project, all you will need are tin cans, such as coffee cans, an awl or a large nail, paint, and a hammer. Before starting, you will need to fill them with water and freeze them so they hold their shape when you punch out your designs. Pull them out of the freezer, draw on your design and punch the holes with your awl and hammer. Let the ice melt and let the can dry. Paint in any color you wish. TIP: Punch a hole on the other side and use a wire to hang the lanterns. (via Kids Kubby)


15. Creepy Skeleton Figure. Add a little scare factor onto your yard with pieces of plastic hands and a skull (can be found at Target, Walmart, Michael’s, etc.). Get the stone at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and prop it up with a rock and add leaves (real or faux). You can also use a large rock on your property or a piece of foam core painted and streaked gray to appear like a stone. Add skeleton feet at the back of the stone for additional detailing. (via Adam Albright for Better Homes & Gardens)


16. DIY Huge Black Spider. This large spider can be used to adorn a window, large shrub, or bush covered in spider webbing. To create this eight-legged spider, you will need a milk jug, black tape, and pipe insulation, or pool noodles. TIP: Spray paint styrofoam balls in place of the milk jug (one large for the body and one smaller for the head). Glue feathers from a black boa all over the body to make it hairy. This can be found at most art supply stores (JoAnne, Michaels, Hobby Lobby).  (via Crafty Meggy)


17. Spooky Pumpkin Pathway. This is a simple way to create a spooky ambiance for your driveway, walkway, or front porch steps. All you need are some pumpkins and outdoor holiday lights. Wrap the lights around your pumpkins and plug them in! Add a spooky snake or some spiders for some additional Halloween fun. (via Miki Duisterhof for Woman’s Day)


18. Large Faux Spiders. These spiders can be used to decorate your home indoors or out. If you opt to decorate your outdoors with these spooky spiders, they can be affixed to the side of your house, your door or windows, front porch steps, or even your lawn.. or the roof! You can make these to be large or small, depending on the size of the foam balls you select. To make this craft you will need foam balls cut in half for the body. Use wire and foam tubing for the spider legs. Hairy brown fabric can be affixed to the body with hot glue. (via Marty Baldwin for Better Homes & Gardens)


19. Glass Jar Luminaries. If you have some extra glass jars laying around, why not repurpose them for some spooky Halloween fun? You can add acrylic paint with a sea sponge, let dry, then use paint, sharpies, stickers, or paper for the spooky faces. Another idea to add to your jars is decoupage (equal parts of glue and water) and apply tissue paper to cover your jars with the spooky faces underneath. For the mummy luminary, cut out eyes, nose, and mouth with black construction paper, tape onto the jar, and cover with masking tape. (via Kids Kubby)


20. Spooky Pumpkin Witch. This simple yet spooky witch can be made using some items from around the house. Stack a trio of pumpkins and wrap a black trash bag as the cape. Either use a real witches hat or make your own with black craft paper. Use a stick and twigs for the broom. Don’t forget to add the nose using a mini gourd. (via Miki Duisterhof for Woman’s Day)


21. Creepy Snake Doormat. Scare your trick-or-treaters when they come knocking on your door with this snake-infested doormat. To create, apply glossy black spray paint to rubber snakes. Use a thick plastic foam board to arrange the snakes with some slithering off the edges. Glue the snakes to the board and layer the foam core under your doormat. (via Adam Albright for Better Homes and Gardens)

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2 years ago

Love all your ideas and website. Great job

Linda DeMent
2 years ago

WOW! So many wonderful ideas… I first fell in love with the spooky monster entryway with the big mean eyes and scary teeth! I’m always so impressed with the creative minds that think up these clever projects. There are lots that made me laugh out loud like the fabric ghost children, giant eyeballs tree and the hairy spiders crawling down the stairs. I thought using the black foam and stencil to hang cut upside down bats was adorable and a great project for younger kids and the doormat of creepy black spiders is a “must do” for me. THANK YOU!