20 Last-Minute Ideas For Decorating Your Home With Pumpkins


Big or small, in shades of orange, green, or yellow, pumpkins are the perfect way to lend an autumn air to your house and celebrate the holiday season. These ideas that we have put together are all fun DIY’s that the whole family can partake in. Pumpkins can be used to decorate anywhere in your home, including the main entertaining areas — the dining room and kitchen.

Autumn looks great in your home with its warm tones, warm textures, and traditions. Whether you are decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving, we have some chic and stylish ideas below to help you get started with some fantastic DIY inspiration. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these ideas most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

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1. DIY Table Centerpiece. For the centerpiece, purchase pumpkins of varying sizes and paint them with a gold spray. It is a simple and very easy idea. You can do the same thing with fruits. The idea is to mix them with candles to give a magical touch and layer in some green leaves. (via @sol_van_dorssen)


2. Centerpiece Of Golden Pumpkins. To make this original centerpiece, different gourds are painted in gold and combined with large candles and eucalyptus. Scented candles will bring a holiday aroma to your dining room. You can dress your table by combining dark textiles with gold elements such as cutlery. (via El Mueble)


3. Decorate With Flowers. Flowers are never in excess, even in autumn they add the finishing touch to any Halloween decoration. Add some small pumpkins or gourds into your arrangement as well as on the table. (via El Mueble)


4. Simple Touches With Pumpkins. Adorn your favorite cake stand with stacked pumpkins (real or faux) or even gourds. This is a simple decoration for your kitchen countertop. (via El Mueble)


5. A Very Pumpkin Centerpiece. One can never have enough pumpkins for the harvest season. Adorn your table with a colorful array of pumpkins, painted in different colors for a festive touch. To create balance to the eye-catching centerpiece, place settings are kept in earthy hues adorned with seasonal herbs bound with twine. Similar utensils can be found at World Market. (via Casa de Perrin)


6. White Pumpkins And Twinkle Lights. Either purchase white fairytale pumpkins or paint them white and decorate any surface with them. Add garlands of light, to illuminate your table or countertop. (via Frog Hill Designs)


7. Pumpkin Arrangement. Flowers inside carved out pumpkins create an original and wonderful idea to give an ideal autumn touch to your home. (via ana-rosa.tumblr)


8. Gold Pumpkin Tablescape. Decorate varying sized pumpkins and display them on your dining table or buffet table. Decorate with candles around the pumpkins for added ambiance. To make these glitter confetti pumpkins, you will need a sponge brush, Scotch Create Multipurpose Glue. Scotch Expressions Glitter Tape can be used for simple embellishment to any pumpkin. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via See Vanessa Craft)


9. Glam Pumpkin Centerpiece. Mix white and gold pumpkins for a classy look. Get me some spray paint and this job is done! Add to your table centerpiece or dining buffet. (via Megan Clouse Photography for Modwedding)


10. White Pumpkin Centerpiece. Repurpose your Halloween pumpkins to use again for Thanksgiving. Add metallic paint to real or faux pumpkins and inscribe seasonal messages on plain white pumpkins. These pumpkins can be added to your table or any surface in your home for some festive decoration. (via Leigh Anne Wilkes)


11. DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins. These charming pumpkins can be displayed anywhere in your home. To create these, you will need chalk paint in black, white, and vintage (sourced from a craft store), a foam brush, and an oil-based paint pen (white and black). Be sure to clean the surface of your pumpkins before you get started. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via Homeyohmy)


12. Stocking Pumpkin. Dress up a pumpkin with some lacy pantyhose, giving it a chic touch. The effect is incredibly decorative. (via Style Me Pretty)



13. Decorated Glitter Pumpkins. To make these glitter pumpkins, you will need to select your desired paint colors and paint your pumpkins. To get the crackled look on the white pumpkin, use chalk paint and styrofoam pumpkins. Draw Halloween shapes on your pumpkins after the paint dries, such as ghosts, witch hats, goblins, black cats and bats, or even spooky words. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via The Inspiration Board)


14. DIY Fresh Floral Moon Pumpkin. The perfect centerpiece for Halloween, you can also copy this same idea for Thanksgiving by painting the pumpkin in a different shade such as white or gold. To make this, you will need a craft pumpkin, paper, scissors, pencil, drill, and fresh flowers. Trace out the half-moon shape on the paper, cut out, and trace onto the pumpkin. Drill holes inside the moon shape and fill fresh or faux flowers in the pumpkin. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via The Merrythought)


15. DIY Table Setting Decor. For this table setting, you will need a few supplies from your local craft store and some gathered leaves from your backyard. Materials needed: scrap wood, five mercury glass votives with LED tea lights, gold liquid leaf (for painting the pumpkins), paintbrush, three small pumpkins, 6-8 oak leaves, and an assortment of artificial floral accent stems. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via diys.com)


16. Pendleton Pumpkins. If you love the classic Pendleton with a Hygge feel, then these pumpkins are for you. To copy this look, you will need colorful washi tape and the Pendleton template. (via Brian Woodcock for Country Living)


17. DIY Cute Faced Pumpkins. Real or faux white pumpkins are the perfect no-carve solution to decorate your home. Start by drawing eyes on your pumpkins with a paint pen. Next, drill holes in the tops of your mini pumpkins and insert two eucalyptus branches. Get full details at the provided link. (via Homey Oh My)


18. Metallic Copper, Gold, and Silver Pumpkins. Using faux pumpkins, add a touch of glam to your fall display or Thanksgiving centerpiece. You will need a package of copper, silver, and gold leaf adhesive (for painting the pumpkins), 1″ artist brush, 2″ chip brush or soft-bristled brush, and decorative upholstery tacks. Get the full tutorial at the provided link. (via HGTV)


19. Staircase Of Dreamy Pumpkins. These stairs of a home in Winnipeg, Manitoba were made with wood reclaimed from @rolandchurchlofts. For just over 100 years this wood was the church floor. It is so beautiful with the layering of pumpkins! (via @prairiefarmhousedesign)


20. The Great Outdoors. This cozy sitting spot is the perfect Fall outdoor space! The chairs are the Harbor View Adirondack chairs. Adding to the warm and inviting feel of this space, stacked pumpkins and lanterns for ambiance. (via @floralsandsage)

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