Converted farmhouse in The Netherlands beautifully decorated for Christmas


Located in Aalten, a village in the eastern Netherlands is this beautifully converted farmhouse, built around 1900 and lovingly restored to its original glory. A couple came upon this home, uninhabited for a long time and with almost nothing done to it in the last forty years.

Renovating was not an option for this couple, due to the high costs, so instead, they recruited family members and friends and worked on this home for three years. One of the homeowners is a crane operator, so he is incredibly handy. Due to his work on demolition sites, he sees beautiful old things such as trusses or an old granite sink that can be repurposed. The home itself was full of hidden treasures, including beautiful old floors concealed underneath layers of floor covering.


Since a lot of money was invested in the architectural restoration – insulation, new interior walls, plank floors with underfloor heating – there was no big budget left for the interior. The homeowners overcame this by finding furniture from flea markets and thrift stores. These items became personalized, where some had homemade details added to them, such as the kitchen handles.

Above: The large fireplace is the focal point of the living room, a replica of one the homeowners saw in a B&B in Belgium.


The couple is already celebrating their fifth Christmas in this converted farmhouse. Decorations are kept sober and natural. A beautiful pine branch in a vase, a branch from the pig meadow above the table in the attic, with a few green balls and the gray-green leaves of staghorn. Green is the wife’s favorite accent color because it is a part of nature and fits well with the interior decoration. 

Above: This large table is perfect for hosting large parties. The chairs and stools are from local flea markets and thrift stores. Decorations include Christmas bulbs, LED lights and tea light hangers.


Above: The white-painted wooden floor is made of Douglas wood. An old handmade dining table is from Portugal.


What We Love: This converted farmhouse offers plenty of flea market finds and handmade details, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We love all of the unique and creative ideas flowing throughout this home. The homeowners did a beautiful job of lovingly preserving the old while introducing vintage and new pieces that mix well with the historical architecture. The sprinkling of Christmas decor adds a festive touch to this lovely home.

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Above: The floor is an original Escher floor from 1900-1910, very popular in the area at the time. The lamp comes from a flea market in Belgium. The base of this kitchen is from Ikea. A friend cut long planks out of an oak trunk and made the fronts of it. The sturdy handles are homemade, while the countertop is concrete.



Above: The bedroom was boarded with old boards painted white. The outdoor lamp is from an antique store called Second Life.


Above: An authentic floor also appears in the hall. An anthracite-colored paneling was applied with matte latex.


Above: A granite sink is from a factory where the husband did demolition work. A backsplash features gray-green painted boards of old wood. A modern faucet is hidden in the mouthpiece of an old water pump, which turns on with old doorknobs. The coat rack is homemade: several hooks are attached to an old painted board.


Above: The roof was built with old structures from the demolition. Enamel lamps are from a flea market. A homemade table is made from old wood.

Photos: VT Wonen

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1 year ago

Absolutely gorgeous!

4 years ago

Somehow I missed this article posted last November. This house has soul, something that can only be achieved when the owners have the talent to put their special touches on it. Exceptional job!