Restored 18th century Mediterranean farmhouse in Spain’s wine country

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This restored Mediterranean farmhouse of the 18th century, spotted on Nuevo Estilo, blends past and present, located in the Empordà, a beautiful wine region just north of Barcelona, Spain. The renovation is the work of studio Palau de Casavells, renewing the home with a strong mix of vintage and cutting edge design. The aroma of lavender from the Mediterranean garden welcomes you into the home and the beauty that awaits you. In the reform, the designer kept the soul of the building, while retaining, as much as possible, the original materials.

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Natural materials of clay, stone, wood and cement were incorporated into the existing structure to help preserve what was already there. This unique fusion can also be seen in the decoration, which shows a flexible mix of parts, furniture and details, with results that creates a surprising and very evocative effect. A mix of recovered industrial furnishings and chairs of the sixties creates a fresh and modern atmosphere, a spectacular backdrop for an interesting collection of contemporary art, which finds its perfect frame in the thick walls with centuries of history.

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Above: The scent of the lavender is in full bloom in the beautiful Mediterranean garden that surrounds the home. This is one of the many inspirations that was brought into the interior, bringing a naturalness to the design palette.

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Above: Although the house moves in a simple chromatic palette marked by the tones of natural materials, surprise points have been introduced. This includes certain furnishings, the blue wall in the master bedroom and, above all, colorful works of art—in large format.

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What We Love: In the reform of this Mediterranean farmhouse, the architect took extreme care to preserve maximum elements of the original construction. This entire home is charming from the outdoor gardens to the living spaces both interior and exterior. The freshness of the new design offers bright and airy living spaces with wood beamed ceilings and handmade materials. So much comfort and warmth, we love it!… How about you, what are your overall thoughts on the renovation of this old home?

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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