Industrial meets modern in renovated Australian home with fresh details

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This stunning renovated contemporary home was designed by residential building company, Capital Building, located in South Coogee, a coastal suburb in Sydney, Australia. Showcasing high-quality workmanship, this light and airy residence has undergone a renovation and extension with an earthy feel throughout. The living space offers a total of 3,552 square feet, with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

The decor scheme boasts a neutral color palette, recycled materials and plenty of layering and textures. The open plan living/dining and kitchen area features a folding glass door and a large window to blur the lines between the indoors and out and illuminate the interiors with natural light. Outdoors, an expansive patio boasts plenty of space for entertaining and a large swimming pool.

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What We Love: This renovated home boasts a spacious layout with exquisite details and beautifully reclaimed wood that is simply divine. The builders maximized the windows to make the property feel much more visually spacious than it actually is. We are especially loving the details in the master bedroom, with the laminate feature wall and faux fireplace. There are plenty of fantastic ideas in this home to get inspired!

Readers, please share with us what details in this home has most inspired you and why in the comments below. We love reading your feedback!

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Above: The living room features a neutral color palette with a layering of textures. The material on the chairs is “Par Avion” Warwick Fabrics – Pan Pacific Collection. The fireplace is an ethanol burning fire, sourced from Designer Fire. There are plenty of budget-friendly options for those who do not have an existing fireplace. You can find them for your wall, floor, table and even inserts to convert an existing fireplace

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Above: The flooring throughout the main living areas is an engineered laminate floor, commercial grade and highly durable. It was sourced from Kronotex, the range is Mammut and the color is Capital Oak. It is a wide board, approximately 7.5″ wide with plenty of texture.

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Above: The staircase is in the center of the house. It consists of recycled timber, which helps to connect the joinery in the rest of the open plan room.

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Above: This industrial-inspired kitchen features a timber island with recycled timber benchtop frame, set against a sleek white backdrop. The fridge is integrated against the wall, creating a seamless aesthetic.

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Above: The finish on the Island is Laminex Seductive Limba. The countertop is a product called EssaStone and the color is French Black. This open plan space features a wonderful indoor-outdoor connection thanks to commercial framed, aluminum bi-folding doors.

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Above: The center island houses concealed drawers and cupboards on one side and two ovens, a dishwasher, sink, microwave and storage on the other.

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Above: The pendant lights above the dining table were sourced from Beacon Lighting. When used in multiples, it creates a more dramatic aesthetic.

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Above: The guest bathroom features a recycled timber countertop cut to size. It was stained with a water-based stain varnish. Since the pipes are exposed, the builder selected an attractive square bottletrap. The decor in this space features earthy colors and textures.

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Above: This children’s bedroom features recycled timber-look laminate flooring on the walls with a fun plasterboard tree on top, giving this space a treehouse feel. The laminate was sourced from Krono Original, the color is 8812 Urban Legend. To affix the laminate to the walls, you would glue and secret nail the boards to the wall. The edges are finished with a white silicone. The tree is 8mm MDF that was drawn, cut, sanded, painted and adhered on top of the flooring. The bed is a custom built-in using MDF and painted white. A mattress was added on top.

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Above: The faux fireplace was built from MDF and painted white. It was custom built to fit the space, while the edges were made to be thick to look like a real piece of furniture. A low-sheen acrylic paint was applied to add more texture to the paint.

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Above: To create the effect of a reclaimed wood wall, laminate was applied to a feature wall behind the bed, sourced from Krono Original. It is the Super Natural Classic Laminate Flooring; the color is 8631 Castle Oak. A very fine aluminum angle finishes the corners, concealing the edge of the boards. Max Bond glue was used to affix the laminate to the gyprock wall.

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Above: The floor in the master bedroom is an engineered laminate floor. It is an attractive wide board that is very textural. It is a commercial grade, so it is very durable. The product is Kronotex, the range is Mammut and the color is Capital Oak. On the bed, the Ripple Throw was sourced from KAS and comes in a variety of hues.

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Above: The ceramic wall tiles in the bathroom are made to have a “timber look”. A recycled floating vanity was stained using Cabots Stains, a mix between black and Marita Grey. The builders used a water based stain and a water based clear finish on top to seal it. The mirror is a recessed storage cabinet, providing extra storage for the bathroom.

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Photos: Sue Murray

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