Modern-rustic country retreat nestled in the Hudson River Valley

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Hudson Woods is a collection of 26 dwellings designed by Lang Architecture, located in the midst of the Hudson River Valley in Kerhonkson, New York. Conveniently situated just two hours outside of New York City, these vacation homes are spread out on 131 forested acres. They offer urban dwellers a peaceful and relaxing retreat surrounded by nature, centering on what is most important in life. Spending quality time with family and friends while enjoying your favorite hobbies and activities.

Above: The patio tile is natural Bluestone that was sourced on-site. While the interior of the swimming pool is gunite with a dark plaster finish.

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The homesites are integrated into the natural landscape, meaning they are nestled into the slope of the land. They are designed to be modest upon approach while opening to voluminous entryways with spacious living areas. Expansive walls of glass visually connects the indoor spaces with the breathtaking outdoor environment of mountains and forest. Each of the individual lots are developed based on specific site conditions and can be customizable to the homeowner’s tastes.

This home tour features the architects base home, which consists of  2,800 square feet of living space and three bedrooms. There is also a detached structure with a carport and studio space. There are two layout configurations that homeowner’s can select from, with this same house footprint. One has an upper level entry with the second level below, while the other has a traditional ground floor entry with a second level above.

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Natural materials have been incorporated into the design of this project, which includes locally sourced woods and stone. The structures have been hand-crafted by local labor. The roads and driveways consist of crushed bluestone, which has been mined on the property. The forest has been cleared as each lot has been built for the strategic placement of structures and minimal impact. It was more important to protect the landscape, even if it meant construction would be more difficult. The primary goal was to maintain nature for the experience of those that inhabit this area.

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Above: The backsplash tile in the kitchen is Jade Manganese from Heath Ceramics.

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What We Love: This Hudson River Valley retreat offers city dwellers the opportunity to vacate from the demands of city life, surrounded by the tranquility of nature. Natural material elements such as wood infuses warmth, while large expanses of glass invites nature inside. Everything about the design of this home entices relaxation, from its integration with nature, thoughtful design and plenty of personal touches.

Readers, please share with us your thoughts on this home in the comments below. Are there any features that stand out to you?

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Photos: Ty Cole

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