A dreamy Montana mountain retreat: Great Northern Lodge

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This dreamy mountain retreat called the “Great Northern Lodge” was exceptionally designed by Centre Sky Architecture, located in Whitefish, Montana. Ideally positioned near the U.S.’s most breathtaking national parks, Glacier National Park, the lodge was designed and constructed with timelessness and grandeur; a quality rarely seen in today’s fast paced construction. The lodge is nestled high on a mountain, offering sweeping 360 degree views over Whitefish and Beaver Lakes. The design was inspired by the solid stacked masonry constructed for Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park.

The overall aesthetic uniquely exemplifies Parkitecture style masonry.  The homeowner made a commitment to quality at the beginning of the project, wishing to use stone as the dominant material element. The stone selection was to be an indigenous stone that replicated the unique, maroon colored Sperry Chalet stone, accompanied by a masculine scale. A local quarry was opened specifically for the construction of this lodge, located near the project site. Since it was not a regular stone type, the design team named the stone ‘Sperry Stone’ after the Sperry Chalet.

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“The commitment to masonry construction extended beyond finished wall material,” the architects explained. ” The building’s structure is predominantly constructed with an innovative and sustainable product called ‘Autoclaved Aeriated Concrete’. This is a lightweight, cementitious material that is impervious to fire and water damage and will contribute to the longevity of the building’s structure.”

Windows, timbers, and a roofing material were sourced to complement the massive structure. The windows were to have large frames and be maintenance free. The design team sourced Aztec pitted rubbed bronze windows from Venice, Italy. The timber design was important, as it allowed the material to soften the stone walls and floors.  Montana Reclaimed Lumber was selected to help procure the hand hewn white oak and Centennial Timber Frames constructed the systems.

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Vermont slate was selected as the roofing material, but was anything but conventional. The tiles had an average size of 30”x36” with a 3/4” inch thickness. These slate tiles were exceptionally large, as they are more conducive for a stone patio. The design team created a stunning architectural masterpiece, integrating the majority of the square footage of the residence into the existing topography (this can be clearly seen in one of the aerial images towards the end of this article).

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The architects have made the following statement about this exceptional project: “Great Northern Lodge incorporates centuries of gained knowledge on masonry construction with modern design and construction capabilities and will stand as one of northern Montana’s most distinguished structures for centuries to come.”

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What We Love: Great Northern Lodge is an exceptional piece of architecture, uniquely designed into its topography. Clad in stone and timber, the home offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is very alluring. We love the craftsmanship and meticulous details that have been showcased throughout this home. The way the rocky outcroppings that were existing to the site seem to meld into this home, making the home appear as an extension of the property. Overall, the design is breathtaking… Readers, would you agree? Anything you would like to have seen done differently?

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Above: An existing outcropping was incorporated into the structure, forming one of the walls and roof of a tunneled staircase. This leads up to an office tower set atop the building, which offers incredible views of the architecture and surroundings.

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Above: An existing rock outcropping formed a natural gateway to the site. This natural feature was left intact and integrated into the arched entryway to the auto courtyard.

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Above: The lodge is deeply integrated into the site, where rocky outcroppings blends into the structure. A green roof further adds to the connection of the landscape.

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Above: Rock outcroppings were incorporated into the structure at several patio locations, which naturally melds into the buildings walls.

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Photos: Gibeon Photography / Gravity Shots

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3 months ago

would anyone know who the architect was on this project?

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I really like the exterior! Interior is a little too rustic for my personal preferences. Nice job, architects and builders!

Sara Waterbury
4 years ago

Anyway to see the floorplans to each floor?

Terry L Markle
4 years ago

would love to see the floor plan

4 years ago

disable veterans cant owned that but they sure deserve it

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its ow some