Minimalist penthouse apartment overlooking the Seattle skyline

Rocky Rochon Design was responsible for the complete interior renovation of this expansive 4,500 square foot penthouse apartment located in Seattle, Washington. The designer was tasked with creating an urban space for a professional couple with no children. The master bedroom suite needed to have a direct adjacency to both the kitchen and exterior living spaces—yet still maintain privacy to the public spaces of the home.

The program also necessitated a media room, guest bedroom suite and home office. The homeowners also requested to have a spacious living room to host the occasional company events, as well as for personal entertaining. The overall design scheme is characterized by an urban environment, with a minimal aesthetic that is innovative and progressive—reflecting the homeowner’s high-tech businesses culture.

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The designer created a minimal living environment, with very little color, furniture, artwork and accessories. Spatially, the master bedroom suite was located adjacent to the kitchen and next to the large terrace and pool. A translucent headboard was custom designed to screen visibility from the living area and also allow the western sunsets to glow through it at dusk. The living areas were designed as ‘greenhouse’ structures, open to the urban environment—the urban rooftops were used as inspiration.

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A staircase and upper balconies were constructed of steel and open steel grates reminiscent of fire escapes. Walls were painted in a dark midnight black, sand textured paint to reduce all glare and focus on the exterior views.

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The use of sleek, modern finishes, such as sand blasted and brushed stainless steel, raw steel, aluminum, metallic high-tech paints and plexiglass, spare minimal detailing, custom stainless steel tubs and stainless toilets, minimal custom furnishings and wire suspended shelving, all enhance the concept of innovation, modernism and a nod to the urban landscape that the home resides in.

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What We Love: This penthouse apartment offers mesmerizing views of the Seattle cityscape, while on the interior, a minimalist design helps to not detract from these views. The use of sleek materials adds texture and drama throughout the interior living spaces. The greenhouse structure of the main living area with it’s glass walls and ceiling is visually striking; it must be amazing watching the sunsets in this space!

Readers, what do you think of the apartment home, could you envision yourself living in this space? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!

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Photos: Rocky Rochon Design

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