Industrial apartment in Barcelona reveals warmth and luminosity

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When interior design studio Egue y Seta undertook the renovation of this industrial apartment in Barcelona, Spain, the objective was to maximize space and natural light. These two main elements were the decisive factors in designing open and airy spaces. For this, it was necessary to tear down several partitions, creating a functional floorplan with a loft aesthetic. The home was organized in an open layout for the living room, dining room and kitchen; a bedroom and a bathroom.

The demolition of partitions exposed structural elements of concrete, which was responsible for much of the industrial aesthetic that dominates the home. The goal was to enhance the industrial aesthetics; microcement was selected to cover the walls of the entire home and the floor of the main living areas. In the kitchen, this versatile material was alternated with a geometric mosaic tile in brown and blue tones. This helped to visually delineate the living and dining areas.

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Wood was present in all living environments as a resource to counter the coldness transmitted by concrete and microcement. In addition to being used as a wall cladding in the living room and bedroom, the majority of the furnishings was constructed with oak in natural finish. The rest of the furnishings selected were in black and blue shades, to break the balance and add focal points to lend contrast.

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What We Love: This industrial apartment reflects a beautiful design that seems to be in perfect symmetry. In addition to a modern and functional layout, this home boasts a mix of materials that gives the rooms an industrial and warm air in equal parts… Readers, please share your thoughts on the design of this apartment. What features stand out to you?

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Above: In the bedroom and bathroom, the original flooring was replaced by an oak laminate.

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Photos: Mauricio Fuertes

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