Charming attic gets transformed into an urban treasure in Madrid

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Spanish architecture studio Espacio Acorde was responsible for the renovation of this charming attic space located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. This urban treasure revealed several wonderful surprises while working on restoring it to its former glory. This included a charming terrace, a wood beamed ceiling and an area with a sloping roof. The original terrace had been covered twenty years ago, which resulted in the rooms attached to it being void of natural light and ventilation.

When the walls and roof of the terrace were torn down, the home revealed its enormous decorative potential. The rooms, once dark and suffocating, became a transparent space consisting of a living, dining and kitchen area. Now, the living spaces are luminous, while the windows can be opened for fresh air to circulate throughout. Exposed brick on the interior adds industrial influences to the space.

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To guarantee energy efficiency, the architects used lacquered aluminum doors and venetian blinds with adjustable slats which, when closed, maintain optimum sealing. Another pleasant surprise the architects discovered was when they removed the false ceiling. They found a brilliant array of wooden beams, which in addition to the aesthetics, helped to raise the ceiling height significantly.

Since they had been neglected for so long, they had to be stained and reinforced in certain areas to ensure structural safety. The material selection was another great achievement to the overall look of this impressive attic space. The owners wished to have an industrial style dwelling, so the architects added influences without being overdone.

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What We Love: This charming attic offers its inhabitants cozy living spaces both indoors and out. We love how the renovation offers a brand new, sunny terrace space to enjoy a breath of fresh air. The luminous living spaces are no longer dark and dingy and are now open and spacious. The industrial influences of the exposed beams and brick adds character to this home, adding to its overall aesthetics.

Readers, please share with us your thoughts on this renovation project. Are there any features that stand out to you?

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Above: In the kitchen, the flooring and the base of the breakfast bar are comprised of Viroc—a material usually used outside. It combines the flexibility of wood with the look and texture of poured concrete. However, in this case it was used to enhance the industrial air of the house.

Slate was installed on the backsplash. Its black finish emphasizes the immaculate furniture and visually delimits the space of the kitchen. In addition, the blackboard harmonizes well with the appliances and the baseboard, all of stainless steel.

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Photos: Patricia Gallego for Mi Casa

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