Backyard oasis in Austin with fabulous outdoor living spaces

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Now that we are entering into the summer season, we decided to bring you some outdoor living and garden inspiration with this refreshing backyard oasis in Texas. Located in Brentwood, a neighborhood in central Austin, this hidden gem was designed by B. Jane Gardens—a full service Landscape Design + Build Group. The designers offer high quality custom design as well as consultation work.

The scope of this project entailed “extensive screening vegetation to provide complete privacy to both a large pool/entertaining space as well as a separate private master patio with built-in spa and outdoor shower. The unique pool features a whimsical tile layout and Brazilian hardwood sun deck, while the sport lawn includes an extended seating wall and fire pit for outdoor events.” The outdoor living spaces are all concealed from street view and neighboring properties.

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What We Love: This backyard oasis offers its homeowners some fantastic living spaces to entertain family and friends in style. From the outdoor kitchen area to dining el fresco, enjoying a dip in the swimming pool and rinsing off in the cool outdoor shower—there is plenty of enjoyment in this backyard haven. The landscape design offers the perfect family staycation, where everyone can spend their summer enjoying quality family time… Readers, what do you like most about this outdoor oasis? Is there anything you would add to it to make it more perfect?

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Photos: Ryann Ford

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