40 Simply Amazing Garden Shed Ideas

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A garden shed provides a fantastic place to house your gardening tools and supplies, not to mention creating a beautiful focal point for your backyard. They help to enhance the aesthetics of your garden and offer a sheltered space to work. Some come with upgraded features, such as a work table and sink, and some seating areas, whether inside or out.

Some owners of garden sheds opt to have additional amenities such as a place to work on crafts, offering them a private “she shed” to enjoy some personal space. You can create a stone pathway meandering up to your shed and even a water feature nearby, adding to the aesthetics and creating a nice ambiance with the sound of running water.

The front of the shed can have a covered porch with a small deck where you can place a couple of chairs and even a small table to relax and enjoy a glass of iced tea after a day of hard work in the garden! We have put together a collection of fabulous garden sheds to give you some ideas and inspiration to create your own. Enjoy!

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The above garden shed image was taken by us at a private residence in Ontario, Canada. The homeowner is an avid gardener, with the property surrounded by lush, beautiful gardens that are simply dreamy. The shed is at the rear of the property where a stone pathway leads you to it. It is surrounded by a mature growth forest, wild gardens and a beautiful waterfall pond feature that lies adjacent to it.

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The potting shed above was constructed out of reclaimed wood, while the roof was re-purposed from an old mill.

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Above: A beautiful garden shed designed by Sheds Unlimited, is surrounded by colorful gardens.

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Above: A charming potting shed in the backyard offers this family a wonderful spot to store both tools and plants. The shed was custom designed, with dimensions of 10 x 14, with eight feet high walls. The main paint color is Sherwin-Williams 6224 Mountain Air, while the trim color is Sherwin-Williams 6221 Moody Blue.

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Above: A DIY Adirondack-style potting shed, sized at 10′ x 12′. The roof is comprised of clear polycarbonate panels laid out over a truss system. A covered extension on the side of the shed provides a nice shady spot for some outdoor furnishings to enjoy entertaining family and friends or a nice snack after a long day of gardening!

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