Loft-like modern treehouse features luminous interiors in LA

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The home of a Hollywood writer and his family, this mid-century inspired dwelling was designed by Abramson Teiger Architects, located in Los Angeles, California. Consisting of 6,000 square feet, this pad serves as both a place for the writer to be creatively inspired and as a playful refuge for his wife and children.

The site of this three-story residence is a typical suburban lot, which lacks both views and natural light. The reasoning for this is the close relationship to neighboring houses. When designing for the new home, the architects took this into consideration to devise a new plan to address these issues.

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What We Love: This modern treehouse inspired home features radiant interior living spaces thanks to clever design features by the architects. From the translucent walkways to the expansive windows, natural light has been maximized throughout this home. Loving the mid-century design and mix of concrete, wood and steel material elements… What are your thought on the design of this home? 

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Above: The upper level living spaces extends out to a terrace, which overlooks the famous Hollywood sign up in the mountain.

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Above: The entry point of this home showcases a light-filled three-story atrium, complimented by steel-framed glass floors and pitched roof ceilings. “The space is configured as a loft-like modern treehouse with an inverted floorplan, positioning the primary living spaces on the top floor for maximum light exposure,” states the architect.

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Above: On the ground level, a living tree extends up through the multi-level stairwell. This adds a Zen-like feel to the home.

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Above: A minimally designed kitchen highlights a casual breakfast bar.

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Above: Just off the kitchen is this informal dining space, with expansive windows and wood paneled walls. This makes the room feel like it is up in the trees.

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Above: “The second story sits slightly pulled back on all sides to make room for peripheral skylights, allowing natural light to permeate into the lower levels,” states the architects.

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Above: Translucent walkways keeps the space feeling open and airy.

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Above: “Glass is a prominent material used throughout the residence, seen from the very top of the structure in the form of expansive skylights and layered all the way down through the various levels of walkways. Not only does this articulate volume, but it also allows the natural light to stream through all levels of this home,” states the architects.

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Above: A minimally designed master bedroom overlooks the verdant backyard.

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Above: The basement level encompasses the screenplay writer’s home office, whose design scheme mimics that of the surrounding building materials. The space is illuminated with natural light that filters through from the home’s transparent layers. The writer wished for this space to reflect a communal and creative environment.

To support for this, the architect designed a separate entrance for people to come and go without disturbing the rest of the household. Decorating the walls are posters of the movies that Cohen has written over the years, such as Tropic Thunder, Madagascar, and Get Hard. The basement level also features a private screening room.

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Above: Exposed concrete in the office bathroom compliments the rest of the surroundings in the basement level.

Photos: Jim Bartsch

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