1940s Mission-style house gets brilliant transformation in San Francisco

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This stunning contemporary renovation project was designed by Feldman Architecture, located in Forest Hill, a neighborhood in San Francisco, California. This 1940s Mission-style house was reinvented to showcase a brilliant new design for family living. From the exterior facade, a glass firebox can be seen from the backyard. The preserved stucco on the first two levels adds character to the home, merging with the updated materials of wood, stone and metal.

A family of four purchased this home, but it was in need of a major overhaul. The interiors were dark and dingy and the rooms were small and closed off from each other. The new homeowners preferred a more modern way of living, wishing for both style and functionality in their home. The design of the property needed to comply with the homeowners association, stylistically maintaining its historical appeal in the neighborhood.

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With 3,890 square feet already existing, a 1,200 square foot upper level was added. To comply with the homeowners association, they set back the addition from the existing facade. The rear of the facade is now open and contemporary, yet is still in compliance with the needs of their neighborhood. There are a total of three bedrooms and two bathrooms that were gained on the upper level. This allowed the architect to open up the spaces on the first level, creating a more spacious kitchen, family room and playroom.

The original living and dining room were at the entrance of the home and these rooms stayed right where they were. At the core of the new structure is a spiral staircase, which is encased by blue glass panels on three sides. All three levels are illuminated by natural light from windows and a skylight. The basement level has been completely remodeled, now including a media room for family entertainment.

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What We Love: This Mission-style house has been brilliantly preserved, re-configured and added to, creating an aesthetically pleasing design. The rear facade is exquisite, from the use of materials to the glass firebox. The interiors are now open and spacious, with a nice flow from room to room. The staircase is luminous and beautifully designed, loving the blue glass panels. Overall a very eye-catching facelift on a historical piece of real estate… Readers, what features stand out to you in this renovation project?

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Above: In the kitchen, Koa veneer panels covers the upper cabinets, as well as a custom table.

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Above: Walnut flooring were installed throughout the interiors. The furnishings are contemporary in style, accented by Asian found objects and antiques.

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Above: The family room features a fireplace wall with expansive windows on one side and a glass enclosed firebox on the other. Its radiant glow can be seen in the backyard. The hearth is clad in Indian slate, rising all the way up the 18 foot cathedral ceiling.

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Photos: Paul Dyer

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