An Idaho dream home renovated to perfection for empty nesters

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A sprawling residence surrounded by mature growth aspen trees has recently undergone a complete interior transformation by Lloyd Construction. The property is ideally situated on the banks of the Big Wood River, in the Northwood neighborhood of Ketchum, Idaho. Consisting of 8,300 square feet of living space, this dream home had been constructed 26 years ago. The new homeowner’s opted to preserve the structure rather than tear it down. This also helped to protect the aspens that would have had to be cut down with a new build.

Another reasons the new owners decided to keep the existing home intact was that an interior renovation would take a lot less time to complete—three months to be exact. It would have taken roughly three years had they decided to tear down and build fresh on the property. This was the empty nesters retirement home, they wanted a ski home that felt like a retreat. Yet, after visiting several possible ski destinations, such as New Mexico, Montana, Colorado and Utah, they thought these places felt too touristy.

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When the homeowner’s were invited by friends to visit the town, it was love at first site. They found the perfect property, ideally located just outside of town. The previous owner’s had not taken any care to the home in the past 26 years, but the property was stunning. The house had good bones, with the exterior structure consisting of stone and copper siding. The entryway features massive fir doors that invites guests inside.

The original redwood paneling was given a fresh coat of stain, while a skylight was inserted to illuminate the interiors with natural light. In the great room, the focal point to the space is the stone fireplace, while a sunken media area offers a comfortable spot to entertain. There is also a built-in bar area and a more formal dining room—perfect for dinner parties. Off the dining area is a round room covered with cowhide, used as a game room and a spot to enjoy morning coffee and deer viewing!

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What We Love: This spectacular dream home offers everything one could possibly wish for in a retirement home. Comfortable, relaxed living spaces, an open layout and surrounded by natural beauty. The aspen trees helps to create a peaceful environment for this couple to enjoy their sanctuary. There are plenty of spaces to entertain both indoors and out. The design team did a fantastic job of bringing this homeowner’s dreams to fruition.

Readers, what are your thoughts on the design of this home, do you like what the design team has done? Any details you would like to have seen done differently? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Above: The kitchen offers plenty of windows, helping to blur the boundaries between indoors and out.

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Above: On the outside, the patios consist of a variety of stonework, which includes a sandstone quarried from India. A built-in barbecue feature patina that mimics the copper on the exterior facade. A fire pit showcases a metal and teak back. While a sunken hot tub offers the homeowners spectacular views of Bald Mountain, after the leaves of their aspen trees drop in autumn.

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Additional Information: The property also offers a guest house, to accommodate the husband’s extensive family—as he is one of nine kids.

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Photos: Josh Wells

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