Redesigned Eichler home in California with an indoor-outdoor flow

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Located in Mountain View, California, this classic Eichler home featuring a double gabled roof has recently undergone a complete overhaul by Klopf Architecture. The homeowners entrusted the architects to update their 1,953 square foot, four bedroom, two bathroom family home. While at the same time preserving the original structure they loved. The home needed to be rejuvenated both inside and out—focusing on an open layout and indoor-outdoor connection.

Some of the transformations encompassed opening the space up between the kitchen and great room, creating a more spacious master bathroom and several other layout changes. The homeowners opted not to have an addition put on the house, instead to work within the building envelope. The architects worked to update the timeworn finishes, make a more sophisticated, higher quality home. It would be both aesthetically more appealing and better functioning, the architects explained.

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Along with a center atrium and meticulously planned green spaces and patin around the house, the glass-walled living room feels open on both sides. This helps to create a harmonious connection between the indoors and out. The exterior facade was refaced with a natural wood siding, which is repeated on the interior. “This is an update to one of the classic design features of the Eichler homes, ” explains the architects.

On the interior, the architects designed walnut vanities and cabinetry, adding warmth and contrast to the starkness of the white walls. To visually connect the indoor and outdoor spaces, gray porcelain tiles evoke the concrete slabs that were used on the outside of the home. Further enhancing this continuity, the ceiling decking features the same white-washed finish—inside to out. “This connection of materials and spaces helps to enhance the sense of flow,” states Klopf Architects.

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What We Love: This renovated Eichler home presents clever design features to make this abode more functional and visually connected. The architects did a fantastic job of renovating this home to visually link the interiors with the exterior living spaces. Preserving the classic features of an original Eichler while creating a comfortable family home for living and entertaining… Readers, what are your thoughts on this project?

Note: Have a look below for more fantastic inspiration of home tours we have featured from the portfolio work of Klopf Architects.

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Above: The spacious kitchen is perfect for entertaining family and friends. An expansive island allows plenty of space for prepping and cooking as a group. While a generous wall of built-ins offers the homeowners lots of storage options.

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Above: The master bedroom features a built-in wall to separate it from the master bathroom. The bed is nestled into the wall, which plays host to a built-in wardrobe. A window above the bed diffuses light through the space. This built-in solution for the closet allows more space for both the bedroom and bathroom.

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Photos: Mariko Reed / These images were sent to us courtesy of Klopf Architects

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