Mountain home in Wyoming inspired by its surroundings


Designed by architects Carney Logan Burke, this is the home of its founding principal, located on a nearly five-acre site along Fish Creek, just outside of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The residence is nestled at the base of a mountain and surrounded by a forested site of mature oak, aspen and fir trees. The architect had the privilege of living on the property for just over three years, as he and his wife and fallen in love with the property sight on seen. They originally lived in a guest house on the property prior to building their dream home. The architect was able to study the site extensively to be able to decide how to best design the home according to the seasons. The couple decided that they did not need to have expansive living areas; they felt that 3,384 square feet of living space could perfectly cater to their needs.


The goal was to make this two-story home warm and inviting so that visiting family members could enjoy everything this property has to offer. The home also needed to feel intimate in scale so that when the couple are alone, they could live quite comfortably. Another important aspect to the design was to maximize the views to an iconic peak that was nearby. Nestled right into the hillside, one enters the residence from the second story. In order to maintain the views, the main living areas were arranged over the upper level. This also encompasses a screened-in porch, music room and the master bedroom suite. On the lower level you will find an additional two bedrooms, a laundry room and a mechanical area.


The design of the interior makes efficient use of space, with the layout concentrating on better use of the main living spaces for entertaining. The homeowners primary focus was having a nice flow between the living, kitchen and dining areas in order to entertain. The bedrooms were therefore designed smaller to accommodate for this. Keeping the home’s footprint to a modest size allowed more room in the budget for high end materials. Materials on the exterior facade includes: board-formed concrete, cedar shingles, bonderized steel, and glass. Deep overhangs shades the home from the sun during the summer and protects from the rain and snow melt. There is also a guesthouse included on the property, which we featured a tour of here: Living in the woods: Cozy guest house in Wyoming.


What We Love: There are a lot of beautiful details in this home, starting with the living room. The space is one of our favorites, with its magnificent picture window. It captures the essence of this home, soaking in the rugged beauty that surrounds it. The home was designed as a soothing retreat for visitors to get away from it all. The architects did this quite well, immersed in a private setting and spaces that are designed with entertaining in mind. There is a fantastic flow from room to room, and we love how the primary rooms were located on the second level to better capture the views.

Readers, whats your take, would this be your idea of a dream home? Let us know in the comments below.


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Photos: Gibeon Photography & Mountain Living





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Kenneth Wiesehuegel
2 years ago

Perfect. I wish there were more modest homes with nice materiality. Looking for beautiful homes the only ones with few bedrooms are cheaper materials. Nice materials seem to only come in 4-5 bedroom homes.
This hits our program perfectly. Love love it. I could go on and on about the spatial things I like and the aesthetics / materials etc.
And the location is sublime.
Thank you for sharing.

Kenneth Wiesehuegel
2 years ago

Maybe the only thing I’d add is an elevator.