Dramatic facelift to an Eichler-inspired townhouse in Northern California

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This gorgeous Eichler-inspired townhouse has undergone a complete transformation by San Francisco-based John Lum Architecture, located in Menlo Park, California. The scope of the project involved a gut renovation of the entire home and evolving the space into an energetic, loft style pad. A three-story modern facade from the street view features wood, steel and glass. The glass is tinted to help protect the interiors from the elements while also allowing the homeowners privacy from the street.

The central focus to this design project is newly constructed staircase, positioned at the center of the home. The stairwell is illuminated from above by an elongated skylight. The interiors were previously dark, so this new design helps to bathe the spaces in natural light. The staircase also creates direct access from the front foyer to the living room and beyond to the views of the backyard.

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From the street, the exterior facade offers a beautiful presentation of this newly designed mid-century structure. The remodel involved re-cladding the facade with a vertical cedar, galvalume, and steel-trowelled stucco. A pivoting glass door welcomes visitors into this Eichler-inspired townhouse.

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An open concept floor plan was developed to offer a kitchen, dining and sitting area. This space is positioned up a half-level, with views below into what was previously an isolated living room. The space is infused with warmth with the heavy use of wood. Wood flooring, wood cabinetry and even a wooden dining table. The countertops offer a stark contrast with an engineered white stone. The waterfall kitchen island showcases bar stools covered in a bright pop of yellow fabric. Expansive windows illuminates the space with natural light and allows views out to the street.

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What We Love: The new exterior design of this Eichler-inspired townhouse is visually pleasing, drawing you inside. The use of wood from the outside and carried into the interiors creates a harmonious connection. Despite being modern, the heavy use of wood infuses warmth into the interior spaces. Absolutely love the dramatic sunlit staircase embedded in the center of the home. The soaring ceilings in the living room with walls of glass… stunning. What are your thoughts?

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The interior design of this home was carried out by San Francisco-based interior design studio Mansfield + O’Neil.

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Above: The staircase makes its way up to the third level, where an aluminum-grated catwalk connects the master bedroom suite with two additional bedrooms.

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Eichler-Inspired Townhouse-John Lum Architecture-09-1 Kindesign

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Photos: Paul Dyer

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