Modern home in Israel reflects Bauhaus and Japanese influences

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This spectacular private house was designed by architect Kedem Shinar, featuring Bauhaus and Japanese influences with a touch of Israeli influences, located in Carmey Yossef, Israel. The 3,229 square foot (300 square meters) dwelling is nestled on a plot overlooking a forest in the Judean foothills; which was mentioned in the Bible. The area is home to several farms, in addition to two wineries and a monastery. The rural area gives one a taste of country life without being too far from urban life, situated between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; not more than a thirty minute drive to either city.

The former owner of this property had planted a beautiful half-acre garden full of plants and trees that were mentioned in the Bible, radiating a quite sense of peace. The garden is located behind the house and slopes down towards a private, locked gate—this leads to a public forest adjacent to the home. The homeowners design aesthetic was decidedly modern, they were not looking to design another Tuscan villa that seems to be the local vernacular. They wished to have a original design, modern with a soul, homey and with the context of Israel. Having a garden would help to draw inspiration from the East.

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“The aluminium cladded roof folds over the house in angles and hovers over the glass windows on a wooden beam surrounding the house,” states the architect. The windows wrap around the facades as well, creating a composition of seemingly floating walls within them.” The dwelling features an expansive double volume with a bridge that meanders through it. It also features a six meters high library wall that climbs from floor-to-ceiling. Additionally, three are three bedroom floors and a designer kitchen.

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What We Love: The minimalistic use of materials of wood and concrete, soaring ceilings and the cat walk is fantastic. Instead of integrating the home with nature, like so many other houses are doing, this home is more respectful of nature. The structure is instead raised up over the level of the garden, being influenced by Japanese design. Creating this distance allows you to contemplate nature and find peace with it. The forest behind the dwelling also adds to the peacefulness of this property.

Readers, what do you find most intriguing about this unique property? Share with us your thoughts below.

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A bridge comprised of wood and iron is suspended over the double volume living area. On the second level, a gallery house a floor-to-ceiling library and office space. The homeowners are currently working on a novel together, so they required plenty of nooks to achieve this task.

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Influenced by Japanese design (the architect got her degree in Japan), the architect incorporated a concrete and wood deck extending off the living room. The mixture of the materials was much more cost effective and practical—not to mention it seems to blend with the hues of the garden. It also floats, Japanese style, over the garden. It helps to create a strong indoor-outdoor connection.

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The interiors boast a mostly neutral color palette of poured concrete flooring and wooden elements, iron doors and stair treads. You will, however, find quite bursts of color throughout, such as area rugs, textiles and bright orange barstools on the island kitchen.

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Photos: Amit Geron

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