Charming Dutch home appears to float on a waterside canal

Family House Renovation-01-1 Kindesign

In the town of Rossum, just south of Holland, this Dutch home is surrounded by lush gardens, representing the idyllic counterpoint to the frenetic pace of the lifestyle of its owners’. Here, the founder of the cosmetics firm Rituals and his family practice a slow philosophy, with nature as a reference. The homeowners had fallen in love with the area and the house, which they had discovered fifteen years ago, before their four children were born. At the time, they executed a basic reform of the dilapidated home with a design professional. A couple of years ago they had the opportunity to purchase additional land and construct an extra level to meet the needs of their growing family and to accommodate overnight guests on their visits to Rossum.

The renovation, which was this time integral, was left to the prestigious architect Bert Huls. The architect led a project team on a conservation of the original structure and interior, completely revamping following the wishes of the owners. The wide, serene and light-filled house seems to float on the waterside canal. Porches and large glazed surfaces open entirely to the fascinating garden with very distinct areas, green meadows and flower beds that fill every corner.

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German interior designer Eric Kuster decorated the interiors of this Dutch home by perfectly balancing classic and modern styles, which expresses “a luxurious and urbanite attitude”. These criteria are reflected in elegant, natural ways, with a touch of refinement … but above all very comfortable. The homeowners wanted a house they could fully live in, like a second skin that felt comfortable, not like a museum. The result is this cozy retreat where the coldest months are passed by the fireplace, with background piano music and an intimate atmosphere created with candles and arranged still lifes here and there … When the warm weather arrives, life is moved outside to the garden of this magical place.

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What We Love: This charming Dutch home offers elegance of simplicity with naturalness and comfort that has created the foundation for a wonderful aesthetic. This is due to the impeccable use of color, the use of luxurious materials and a balanced classical style renovated with certain ethnic winks… the surrounding gardens also adds to the beauty of this renovated home.

Readers, what do you love most about this home? Please share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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