Luminous Cantabrian house brings nature inside with plants

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Full of luminosity, this exquisite house was designed, created and decorated by Campoloco, showcasing antique furnishings mixed with lots of plants, located in Cantabria, Spain. The plants infuse a natural decorative element into the interiors, creating a result that is very personal. When the designers were tasked with the project, their main problem was to solve the disposition of the plot, which was long and narrow. The solution was to create an open plan layout with high ceilings and large windows that would illuminate the interiors with natural light. Throughout the home is a continuous polished concrete flooring, which helps to keep the space low-maintenenace. The plants not only helps to decorate, but to bring nature inside, a passion of the homeowner. Antique furnishings and stone sinks lends personalization. The designers were in charge of the whole project, from beginning to end and most of the pieces and furnishings were sourced from them.

Campoloco engages in the import of both old and new furnishings from Indonesia and India. They also carry out integral decoration projects that include design and construction of housing, as in this case.

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The upper mezzanine level is reached via a steel floating staircase design, adding to the aesthetic beauty of the space. The plants adds a lot of color to the otherwise white interiors of the walls and ceilings. Comfortable furnishings both old and new invites you to get cozy and enjoy an ambient fire in the living room on cool evenings.

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What We Love: The simpleness of design, where the leafy green plants decorated throughout the interiors have taken center stage, adding vibrant bursts of color throughout. The floating staircase in the double volume living and dining area adds a dramatic focal point to the space. The stone vessels in the bathrooms adds to the natural element that is running through the home. Overall an aesthetically pleasing design that is very livable and not overdone. What are you thinking about this home, do you like all the plants decorated throughout?

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Photos: Courtesy of Campoloco

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