Home designed for indoor-outdoor living overlooks Pacific Ocean

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A home designed to maximize modern indoor-outdoor living and encourage a relaxed lifestyle was created by Edwards-Pitman Architects, located in Santa Barbara, California. The clients for this project had lost their original home in a wildfire, so they wanted their new build to reflect their personal design aesthetic and their lifestyle needs. They requested interior spaces that are easy to live in, low-maintenance and promote relaxation. The result is a seamless connection between indoors and out with an aesthetic that promotes a Pacific Rim influence. The front entrance and living room are characterized by vaulted ceilings, while expansive floor-to-ceiling retractable glass doors throughout the interiors creates a feeling of spaciousness and provides the homeowners with 180 degree vistas of the Pacific Ocean. The interior design palette is comprised of elegant, earthy finishes, which includes mahogany flooring and ceilings throughout and custom designed kitchen cabinets comprised of solid mahogany.

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This design of this home was a labor of love, having just four men work tirelessly for eight months to install Egyptian limestone marble. According to the architects, this beautiful material can be found in “the entry, on both interior and exterior walls, all of the fireplaces, all exterior columns, throughout the master bathroom, and even on the pool deck.”

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Outside, an eye-catching design element contributed by the homeowner is a “lazy river” which starts from the infinity pool at the rear of the property and winds around the home, ending next to a Koi pond. The river is surrounded by a verdant tropical setting and creates a separation between the main house and the guest quarters. Not only are the water features on the property aesthetically pleasing and tranquil, they help to promote cooling from the warm breezes coming off the mountain before ventilating the home, offering a natural air conditioning.

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What We Love: This is one spectacular home, from the mahogany floors and ceilings to the beautiful limestone that appears throughout the design scheme, every detail is a treat for the eyes. We are especially crushing on the water features that surrounds the property, what a peaceful oasis! … and the views overlooking the Pacific Ocean, when can we move in?

What are your thoughts, do you like the way this home was designed to integrate an indoor-outdoor living experience? Do you find its surroundings and landscaping to promote relaxation?

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The lines between indoors and out are blurred throughout the living spaces, including the large pocket window as seen in the image above. This window opens to connect the kitchen to a fabulous outdoor barbecue area, perfect for entertaining family and friends.

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Photos: Jim Bartsch Photography

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past tense
7 years ago

i’ve never been a big fan of having your ceiling look like your floor, and i don’t particularly care for the “open” master bath. setting that aside, this place looks comfortable. i agree with the “what we love” assessment of this property.