A barn mansion in Utah that will leave you awe-struck

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Located in Orem, Utah, this sprawling barn mansion features a sumptuous 21,998 square feet of living space with the addition of a recreational facility nestled on twenty acres. This homes inception began with a family’s dream of creating a place where memories could be made to last through a lifetime. As you tour through the home, you will see how this dream came to life through beautiful craftsmanship, meticulous detailing and livable spaces. Although the home is expansive with nine bedrooms and fifteen full bathrooms with five half baths, the spaces were designed to feel very warm and welcoming with expansive windows that draws nature in and helps to capture the majestic mountain vistas. The listing description of this property states that the home includes a man-made pond stocked with fish, a boat house, swimming pool, motocross course with a state-of-the art motorcycle maintenance shop, a spacious outdoor gathering area that is surrounded by pin trees with a fire pit, a storybook tree house, a “little red schoolhouse” and plenty more to keep you entertained. If this isn’t enough, your guests will enjoy coming to visit you, with a luxurious stay in the hotel-style guest house.

If you have ever wished to live in a barn mansion, you now have your opportunity, as this wonderful property was spotted listed for sale on Zillow at $19,500,000.

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Mature growth trees dot the property, which includes the largest private grove of Sequoia trees in the state of Utah, helping to give it seclusion and privacy. This barn style estate home would make the ultimate family home, but it can also be used as a vacation home that can host a large gathering of friends and family or even be used as a corporate retreat. Situated less than an hour outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, the location itself is very ideal, perfect for those who love the outdoors… and skiing in the winter!

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What We Love: This chic barn mansion comes with all the amenities you could possibly dream of in a home and more! From the soaring ceilings, bedrooms with spectacular mountain views, a beautiful country kitchen and the perfect home library to cozy up in, this is the perfect place to call home. You might find the size to be a little over spacious, but the architects did a great job of making the rooms feel warm and welcoming. What is your take, do you find this home too big, or designed just right?

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Josh Moored
25 days ago

Beautiful home, lousy furniture and zero decor? I’m feeling underwhelmed.

1 year ago

This is a symbol of everything that’s wrong with America today. Excess wealth squandered on 22,000 square foot trophy homes — while our middle class withers and dies.